New Heavy Putter™ Enters Golf with Radical Step In Design, Paradigm Shift Progno

Weigh 90 Percent More Than Conventional Putters; TOUR Success Already Achieved

(SOUTH SALEM, New York) - Weighing 90 percent more than standard putters and buoyed by immediate acceptance on the PGA, Champions and Nationwide Tours, a new company, Heavy Putter, will introduce three revolutionary models at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, January 27-30 (booth #4035).

The new Heavy Putter™ models combine heavy-mass putter heads and an unprecedented Weight Management System™ consisting of a heavy upper-shaft insert and interchangeable tip weights, to create a patented balance point 75 percent higher than conventional putters.

The models:

A3 - blade-style head with a heel mounted, double-bend shaft configuration

B1 - mallet-style head with a center-mounted shaft

B3 - mallet-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft

Various standard, mid- and long-putter lengths are available for men and women in both right- and left-handed models. MSRP is from $239. Contact: 888-PUTTER4,, Three additional models are planned for production later this year.

The Heavy Putter™ represents a radical step in putter design. Industry executives and media, as well as golfers, are already touting the Heavy Putter's unique concept, design and technology as the first new putter in decades that can revolutionize golf. They liken it to the paradigm shift that occurred with the advent of electric golf carts, metal woods and plastic cleats - changing how golf is played.

The standard Heavy Putter™ total weight of 885 grams (roughly two pounds) - the heaviest among U.S.G.A-conforming putters - whereas conventional putters average 490 grams (roughly one pound).

Distinguishing characteristics and competitive advantages of the Heavy Putter™ include:

Heavier head mass: Greater weight - 450 to 550 grams in the Heavy Putter; 75 to 225 g more than standard putters - better utilizes the human elements in the putting stroke, as it disengages golfers' small wrist muscles and engages larger muscles of the upper body, promoting a pendulum effect. Furthermore, head stability is increased throughout the impact zone, causing a more consistent swing path and constant acceleration throughout the stroke for improved accuracy. This is especially beneficial on today's smoother greens. The heavier mass also produces a softer feel by dampening vibration at impact.

Balance-point technology: The Heavy Putter™ has a patented balance point 75 percent higher than conventional putters. Raising the balance point of the putter brings the center of mass of the putter closer to the center of mass of the golfer. This increases the stability of the putter throughout the stroke. The higher balance point also creates a tighter end- over-end roll of the golf ball. Changing the available Tip Weights alters the balance point to accommodate each golfer's unique release. It also encourages lighter grip pressure that creates a smoother stroke, more solid contact and improved distance control.

Weight Management System: There are two components exclusive to the Heavy Putter: (1) in all putters, a 250-gram insert in the upper shaft (handle of putter) raises the balance point and protects against wrist breakdown through impact and an uncontrollable putter head; and (2) a tip-weight kit allows golfers to customize head weight by adding aluminum and copper tungsten weights (20 g to 70 g) to putter heads, with recommended weight changes for golfers missing right, left, short and long.

The launch of the innovative Heavy Putter™ follows more than two years of scientific research and testing by golfers of myriad skill levels. In just three months on the 2004 Tours, the Heavy Putters were immediately put in play, earning six top-10 finishes, according to the Darrell Survey, and used by more than 60 TOUR members, including a Masters, U.S. Open and PGA Championship winner.

Heavy Putter™ creator Stephen Boccieri, 52, a senior engineer specializing in engineering mechanics by training, is well-respected in golf-equipment circles for being ahead of the curve in technology. For nearly a decade, he headed a research company that provided shaft profiling, stress analysis and methods of installation for the largest shaft manufacturers in golf. Boccieri also worked for many of the top golfers in the world, matching them with equipment that optimized their performances.

"Our Heavy Putter™ Technology is a new concept in golf that improves golfers' scores," says Boccieri. "The unbiased feedback from independent tests shows the Heavy Putter™ to be like flying first class - once you switch, you can't go back. With an improved path, greater stability and a consistent release through impact - resulting in a better roll of the golf ball - it's no surprise golfers will have fewer putts per round with the Heavy Putter."

More About The Heavy Putter
Heavy Putter, L.L.C., based in South Salem, NY, incorporates the highest-quality, advanced-design principles in all putters:

Made with 303 Stainless Steel, a very soft metal that creates a soft putting feel

Perimeter heel-to-toe weighting - creating a high Moment of Inertia, a scientific trend popular in today's putter designs - resists twisting, producing straighter, more accurate putts that reach the hole.

Face-balanced heads allow the putter head to naturally find its center (square its face) at impact.

The diamond-cut face pattern optimizes the golf ball's roll and imparts a soft feel directly following impact

The "Surround Sight" semi-circle alignment aid - exclusive to the Heavy Putter™ - located directly behind the face, promotes consistency on center hits. This results in a tighter deviation of impact on the sweet spot versus a traditional putter with a line or dot alignment mark.

The unique channel formed between the heel and toe weights on both blade and mallet putters promote a visual track to the target.

Craig Better / Rich Katz
Buffalo Communications