Boccieri Golf Adds Duane Bock as Full-Time PGA TOUR Representative

Former Amateur Golf Champion, TOUR Player, Caddie to Increase Heavy Putter™ Usage on PGA TOUR

(RIDGEFIELD, Connecticut) - Boccieri Golf™ - maker of the Tour-proven Heavy Putter™, featuring a revolutionary weighting system that automatically improves the consistency of the putting stroke and reduces putts per round - today announces that former amateur golf champion, TOUR player and caddie Duane Bock has been named PGA TOUR representative.

Bock is scheduled to be at each TOUR event to support the booming interest in the Heavy Putter among PGA TOUR players. This has been sparked partly by Heavy Putter staff player Troy Matteson vaulting from 110th to 8th in putting and becoming the No.1 money winner on the 2005 Nationwide TOUR.

In Matteson's first five 2006 PGA TOUR events, he finished tied for 31st, 24th, 28th and 27th, one of the most successful starts ever by a rookie. Using the Heavy Putter A-1 model (a center-shafted blade), he averaged nearly four birdies per round and ranked ninth in Total Birdies.

"We are extremely excited that Duane Bock is increasing Heavy Putter trials and usage on PGA TOUR each week," says Stephen Boccieri, inventor of the Heavy Putter and President / CEO of Boccieri Golf. "When he shows players how the Heavy Putter automatically makes their strokes more consistent and precise and, thus, gives them a significant competitive advantage, switching from their conventional putter is a no-brainer."

Bock utilizes the Science and Motion company's SAM PuttLab testing device to analyze TOUR players' putting strokes, a technology that translates ultrasound waves into visual representations of the most important putting parameters including swing path, velocity, acceleration and face angle. "This device is so powerful that players see their consistency improve just by switching to the Heavy Putter," says Bock.

Bock is intimately familiar with competitive golf and, during his impressive amateur and professional career, formed strong relationships with many current PGA and Nationwide TOUR players and caddies. In 1992, he won Pinehurst's illustrious North and South Amateur tournament, joining Jack Nicklaus, Curtis Strange, Corey Pavin, Davis Love III, Hal Sutton and Billy Andrade as champion of the longest consecutively-running amateur golf championship in America. After turning professional shortly thereafter and playing on the Canadian TOUR for 10 years, Bock became a highly-sought-after caddie on the Nationwide TOUR.

"The technology behind the Heavy Putter is irrefutable," says Bock, "and each week more and more guys come over wanting to learn about it. They know the best putters on TOUR usually cash the biggest checks, and Troy Matteson's amazing improvement since switching to the Heavy Putter has not gone unnoticed."

More About the Heavy Putter by Boccieri Golf
The Heavy Putter has been the golf industry's buzz since it launched its revolutionary putters at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show and has gained attention from Sports Illustrated, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Robb Report, Popular Science, The Golf Channel, all national and regional golf media, and Top-25 daily newspapers. The Heavy Putter has also achieved immediate acceptance on the PGA, Nationwide and Champions Tours.

The Heavy Putter represents a radical shift in putter concept, design and technology, and is touted by professional golfers, industry executives and media as the first new putter in decades that can revolutionize golf because its weighting system improves the consistency of the putting stroke automatically. They liken it to the paradigm shift that occurred with the advent of electric golf carts, metal woods, graphite tennis rackets and parabolic skis - innovations that changed how a sport is played.

In addition to the innovative Weight Management System, Heavy Putters incorporate the highest-quality, advanced-design principles in putters:

CNC milled from 303 Stainless Steel (304 in Matte Series), a very soft metal that creates a soft putting feel

Perimeter heel-to-toe weighting, creating a high Moment of Inertia (resistance to twisting) for better distance control, and straighter and more accurate putts

Face-balanced heads that make it easier to square the putter head at impact

Diamond-cut, patterned faces that optimize the golf ball's roll and impart a soft feel at impact

"Surround Sight" semi-circle alignment aids - exclusive to the Heavy Putter - located behind the face promote on-center hits and a tighter deviation of sweet spot impact versus lines or dots

Heavy Putter Original Series models include:
A1 - blade-style head with a center-mounted shaft
A2 - blade-style head with a heel-mounted, full-offset plumber's neck hosel
A3 - blade-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft
B1 - mallet-style head with a center-mounted shaft
B2 - mallet-style head with a heel-mounted, full-offset
plumber's neck hosel
B3 - mallet-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft

Heavy Putter Matte Series models include:
A3 - blade-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft
B3 - mallet-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft

Various standard, mid and long-putter lengths are available for men and women in both right- and left-handed models. Matte Series MSRP is $229 USD including an adjustable tip weight kit. Original Series MSRP is $259 USD.

Contact: 888-PUTTER-4,,

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