Boccieri Golf Continues Global Expansion of Heavy Putter

New Distribution for Europe, Canada

(RIDGEFIELD, CT) -Boccieri Golf - advancing its rapidly-growing global presence based on demand for the Heavy Putter - today announces it has established a new, centrally-located warehouse in Rockenberg, Germany, to optimally service its expanding distributor network in Europe.

Creating a central distribution point in Europe for the Heavy Putter produces supply chain efficiencies that allow distributors from the various European countries to service their customers faster and at a lower cost.

The company also announces that, effective immediately, it has re-acquired Canadian distribution rights and will directly sell and distribute the Heavy Putter to its Canadian customers from its domestic U.S. distribution points in Connecticut, Ohio and Arizona. With its entire product line assembled in the U.S., Boccieri Golf has achieved its non-resident importer status in Canada that allows for a more streamlined and cost-effective supply chain to Canada. The results are better margins for its Canadian dealers and lower prices to the Canadian consumers.

"Taking even greater control of logistics is a cost- and time-efficient solution to meet the ever-increasing demand for the Heavy Putter internationally," says Stephen Boccieri, CEO of Boccieri Golf. "Now, our ability to immediately deliver the Heavy Putter to rabid golf markets is even better, just like the superior performance of golfers after switching to the Heavy Putter."

Boccieri Golf boasts more than 25 active markets in which the Heavy Putter is distributed, and will soon announce formal entry into additional overseas territories. The company opens markets with aggressive promotional support to accelerate the number of Heavy Putter users while upholding the integrity of the brand.

Part of the global momentum of the Heavy Putter stems from European PGA TOUR player Adrien Mork winning two 2006 European Challenge Tour events and posting a record-breaking round of 59. Josh Habig won on the Canadian TOUR with the Heavy Putter, and Troy Matteson won the PGA TOUR's Fry' Open while registering five consecutive Top-10 finishes.

Since its introduction in early 2005, widespread acclaim about the Heavy Putter has been based on it being the first and only putter that automatically improves the consistency of golfers' strokes. Its unprecedented counter-balance theory of a heavier mass head and weighted grip causes greater stroke stability, consistent swing paths, uniform pace, precise distance and directional control, and tightens the end-over-end golf ball roll.

The innovative weight technology features a 450-550 gram head (conventional heads are 330-350 grams). The Heavy Putter's unique Weight Management System, a 250-gram weight installed in the grip end, produces a balance point 75 percent higher than conventional putters. Golfers instinctively activate their larger, more stable muscles, preventing wrist breakdown and creating greater stability and consistency throughout the stroke. Adjustable tip weights fine tune the balance point of the putter to match golfers' unique release characteristics.

The new Heavy Putter Matte Series is $199, including the adjustable tip-weight kit. Three blade and three mallet models come in standard, mid and long-putter lengths for men and women with different shaft configurations. Some models are available for left-handed golfers.

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Rich Katz
Buffalo Communications