Boccieri Golf Launches New Heavy Putter Infomercial

(RIDGEFIELD, CT) - To support retailers and fully detail the technological innovation of the Heavy Putter, Boccieri Golf has launched a new infomercial promoting the advantages of its immensely popular putter line.

The 30-minute infomercial - airing on The Golf Channel this summer and on - focuses on the many performance-enhancing aspects of all Heavy Putter models, including the new Deep Face Series.

It highlights how the Heavy Putter is a radical shift in concept, design and revolutionary technology that optimally works with the physiology of golfers' bodies to automatically improve the consistency of the putting stroke. To compliment the infomercial, the Heavy Putter will also be promoted in a print-advertising campaign.

Several well-known golf talents are in the Heavy Putter infomercial:

• Mark Lye - Champions TOUR player and Golf Channel analyst, hosts the infomercial
• Troy Matteson - PGA TOUR winner, who notes: "Without the Heavy Putter, I wouldn't be where I am today."
• Mitchell Spearman - GOLF Magazine Top-50 Instructor
• Eddie Merrins - Hall of Fame Instructor
• Mike Riley - California State Amateur Champion

"The infomercial is creating even more consumer demand and urgency to try the Heavy Putter at retail stores and pro shops," says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. "In addition to the legion of Heavy Putter believers, viewers new to its superiority are now becoming converts, too."

This major marketing push supports the December 2007 introduction of the Heavy Putter Deep Face Series. It was created after extensive studies indicated most golfers would benefit from more consistent vertical accuracy at impact. The higher center of gravity of the DF line allows golfers to raise their putters just above the surface of the green more consistently to achieve contact with the sweet spot for improved overall putting.

The weighting technology that made the Original Heavy Putter popular has not changed for the DF Series. Like the entire Heavy Putter line, the DF models weigh just under two times that of conventional putters, thus, automatically engaging larger, more stable muscles. Furthermore, the higher balance point created by the counter-weight in the butt end of the shaft disengages the hands, promoting a smoother, more consistent pendulum stroke. Like all Heavy Putter models the new DF Series incorporates face balancing for improved feel and performance.

The Heavy Putter DF Series consists of three mallets and two blades. Most Heavy Putter DF models come in standard, mid and long lengths. All standard length models are $169.

About the Heavy Putter

The Heavy Putter is carried in all 50 states and 29 overseas markets. It is found in many of the finest off-course shops and most prestigious golf courses, country clubs and resorts worldwide.

Troy Matteson used the Heavy Putter to win the PGA TOUR's Open en route to five consecutive top-10 finishes in addition to a victory and three top-five finishes on the 2008 European PGA TOUR. Asian PGA TOUR, Canadian and Nationwide Tour champions have also won with the Heavy Putter, which has been used in competition by major-tournament winners.

The Heavy Putter remains the first and only putter that can automatically improve the consistency of the putting stroke. Its unprecedented application of a heavier mass head and counter-balanced weight in the grip end of the shaft promotes greater stroke stability, consistent swing paths, uniform pace, precise distance and directional control, and tightens the end-over-end golf ball roll.

The pioneering weight technology features a 450- to 550-gram head (conventional heads are 330 to 350 grams). The Heavy Putter's defining Weight Management System, a 250-gram weight installed in the grip end, produces a balance point 75 percent higher than conventional putters.

The Heavy Putter "Original" and "Matte" Series models - which spawned the global army of Heavy Putter true believers - are still available. They include an adjustable tip-weight kit to fine tune the balance point of the putter and match golfers' unique release characteristics. There are three blades and three mallets within each series.

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