Boccieri Golf Introduces Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT Series

(RIDGEFIELD, CT) - Boccieri Golf today unveiled the Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT Series -featuring an innovative weighting structure heavier than traditional brands, but lighter than previous Heavy Putter models - that utilizes the company's trademark technology equating to less putts per round.

Available in a black PVD or silver satin finish, the aesthetic MID-WEIGHT Series -- designed with a traditional visual approach - incorporates a higher balance point created by a counter-weight in the butt end of the shaft that disengages the hands, promoting a smoother, more consistent pendulum stroke. The added weight in the head and grip automatically engage the body's larger, more stable muscles for improved performance.

"We really did our homework to launch the MID-WEIGHT Series, conducting research across the country to drill down exactly what golfers are looking for in a putter," says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. "The results from extensive player testing were astounding, with seven-out-of-10 players preferring to have the new MID-WEIGHT Series in their bag. It's lighter than previous Heavy Putter models, but still has enough mass to promote consistency, which appeals to a wide variety of players."

The Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT Series - each putter weighs 750 grams compared to traditional brands at 500 grams and previous Heavy Putter models at 900 grams - consists of three blades and two mallets in classic designs which have withstood the test of time:

• CX2 - Classic blade design; plumbers-neck hosel with a full shaft offset allows for a balanced putter face. Similar to the company's popular C2-Deep Face; available in LH.

• H1/H3 - Medium-size mallet; high MOI rating for forgiveness on off-center hits. Features a thin face to improve feel at impact; available in both heel (H3) and center-shafted (H1) models with a striking parabola channel alignment aid.

• J2 - Deeper flanged blade offers the forgiveness of a mallet with a sleek top-line; plumbers-neck hosel for a full shaft offset and balanced face.

• K4 - Classic "toe-droop" blade with thin top line; half-shaft offset on heel-mounted hosel aimed at those who prefer a putter that swings with rotation.

• L3 - Traditional small mallet; double-bend shaft produces a half-shaft offset, a unique three-line alignment system center and frames while thin-face design promotes crisper feel at impact, improves MOI.

Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT models come in standard and mid lengths; MSRP $169.

About the Heavy Putter

The Heavy Putter is carried in all 50 states and 30 overseas markets. It is found in many of the finest off-course shops and most prestigious golf courses, country clubs and resorts worldwide.

Troy Matteson used the Heavy Putter to win the PGA TOUR's Open en route to five consecutive top-10 finishes. In addition, the Heavy Putter has contributed to a victory and three top-five finishes on the 2008 European PGA TOUR. Asian PGA TOUR, Canadian and Nationwide Tour champions have also won with the Heavy Putter, which has been used in competition by major-tournament winners.

The Heavy Putter remains the first and only putter that can automatically improve the consistency of the putting stroke. Its unprecedented application of a heavier mass head and counter-balanced weight in the grip end of the shaft promotes greater stroke stability, consistent swing paths, uniform pace, precise distance and directional control, and tightens the end-over-end golf ball roll.

The Heavy Putter Original, Matte and Deep Face Series models - which spawned the global army of Heavy Putter true believers - retail for $229, $199 and $169, respectively.

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