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Boccieri Golf Launches Major Advertising Campaign for Heavy Putter

Infomercial Details Technological Innovation; Support Retailers’ Sell-Through

(RIDGEFIELD, Connecticut) – In support of retailers and to fully explain the technological innovation of the Heavy Putter, Boccieri Golf today announces the start of a significant advertising campaign promoting the features, advantages and benefits of its immensely popular putter line that reduces putts per round.

The thirty-minute Heavy Putter infomercial represents the centerpiece of a $1 million-plus promotional push that includes 30- and 60-second commercial spots on The Golf Channel. Along with the infomercial, there will be a series of print ads in several national golf magazines through 2006.

The Heavy Putter infomercial is unique from other short- and long-form direct-response TV programs. It was produced to deeply detail how the Heavy Putter represents a radical shift in putter concept, design and revolutionary technology to optimally work with the physiology of golfers’ bodies and the putting stroke. It also powerfully describes how the Heavy Putter’s weighting system improves the consistency of the putting stroke, automatically. This makes it the first new putter in decades with innovation that’s changing how the sport is played – much like the paradigm shifts that occurred with the advent of metal woods, oversized tennis rackets and parabolic skis.

Involved with the Heavy Putter infomercial are several well-known golf talents:

Mark Lye, the Champions TOUR player and The Golf Channel analyst, is the host of the infomercial

Tom Nettles, formerly of The Golf Channel, interviews low, mid- and high handicappers at the 2006 PGA Merchandise Show who have tried the Heavy Putter for the first time, or have dramatically reduced their scores after switching to the Heavy Putter

Troy Matteson, the PGA TOUR player and the Leading Money Winner on the 2005 Nationwide TOUR, who notes: “Switching to the Heavy Putter improved my putting stroke and helped me win two tournaments and get my PGA TOUR card. I wouldn’t think of putting with anything else.”

Mitchell Spearman, the GOLF Magazine Top-50 Instructor of PGA TOUR winners and a regular on ESPN’s “Cold Pizza”

Eddie Merrins, the legendary golf instructor

“The infomercial and supporting advertisements will create additional consumer demand and urgency that drives golfers to try the Heavy Putter at their nearest retail stores and pro shops,” says Stephen Boccieri, Founder, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. “With 30 minutes on TV, golfers will completely learn about the many years of research and development that’s behind the Heavy Putter instantly improving their games.”

The major marketing push parallels the worldwide popularity of the Heavy Putter. This is evidenced by Boccieri Golf recently signing an exclusive distributor agreement for Canada with the experienced Erikson Golf, Ltd. Boccieri Golf will soon announce similar alliances in the United Kingdom, Japan, Europe and other international markets.

The TOUR-proven Heavy Putter features an innovative weight technology that combines an increased head mass (450 to 550 gram heads compared to conventional putter heads that weigh roughly 330 to 350 grams) along with the Weight Management System (WMS), a 250-gram weight installed in the grip end of the putter, to produce a balance point 75% higher than conventional putters. The Heavy Putter’s weight technology makes the golfer’s body instinctively activate its larger more stable muscles during the putting stoke. This prevents wrist breakdown and creates greater stability and consistency throughout the stroke. The Heavy Putter also comes with adjustable tip weights that allow the golfer to fine tune the balance point of the putter to match his/her unique release characteristics.

The combination of the heavier mass head, the Weight Management System, and the adjustable tip weights permits the golfer to have a more consistent swing path, uniform pace and precise distance and directional control, making the Heavy Putter the first and only putter that automatically improves the consistency of your stroke, just by using it.

Boccieri Golf recently unveiled its new Heavy Putter Matte Series putters at the 2006 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. Featuring the same, revolutionary weighting technology as the original Heavy Putter, the new Matte Series head is finished in sleek, dark gray and is combined with a satin colored shaft and Winn midsize grip.

In addition to its different appearance, the Heavy Putter Matte Series carries a lower price than the Original Series Heavy Putter. This is due to Heavy Putter’s dramatic rise in popularity, resulting in production efficiencies and cost savings that have been passed along to retailers and consumers. The new Matte Series putters’ MSRP is $229 USD, including the adjustable tip-weight kit. A blade (A3-M) and mallet (B3-M) model, both with heel-mounted, double-bend shafts, are the first to be introduced, with other models to soon follow.

More About the Heavy Putter by Boccieri Golf
The Heavy Putter has been the golf industry’s buzz since it launched its revolutionary putters at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show. It has gained attention from Sports Illustrated, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Robb Report, Popular Science, The Golf Channel, all national and regional golf media, and top-25 daily newspapers. The Heavy Putter has also achieved immediate acceptance on the PGA, Nationwide and Champions Tours.

After switching to a Heavy Putter in 2004, Troy Matteson catapulted from 110th to 8thin putting on the Nationwide TOUR and finished the 2005 season as its No.1 player, breaking the single-season earnings record and, thus, earning a 2006 PGA TOUR card.

In addition to the innovative Weight Management System, Heavy Putters incorporate the highest-quality, advanced-design principles in putters:

CNC milled from 303 Stainless Steel (304 in Matte Series), a very soft metal that creates a soft putting feel

Perimeter heel-to-toe weighting, creating a high Moment of Inertia (resistance to twisting) for better distance control, and straighter and more accurate putts

Face-balanced heads that make it easier to square the putter head at impact

Diamond-cut, patterned faces that optimize the golf ball’s roll and impart a soft feel at impact

“Surround Sight” semi-circle alignment aids – exclusive to the Heavy Putter – located behind the face promote on-center hits and a tighter deviation of sweet spot impact versus lines or dots

Heavy Putter Original Series models include:
A1 – blade-style head with a center-mounted shaft
A2 – blade-style head with a heel-mounted, full-offset plumber’s neck hosel
A3 – blade-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft
B1 – mallet-style head with a center-mounted shaft
B2 – mallet-style head with a heel-mounted, full-offset plumber’s neck hosel
B3 – mallet-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft

Heavy Putter Matte Series models include:
A3-M – blade-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft
B3-M – mallet-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft

Various standard, mid and long-putter lengths are available for men and women in both right- and left-handed models.

Contact: 888-PUTTER-4, info@heavyputter.com , www.heavyputter.com or www.boccierigolf.com .

Rich Katz
Buffalo Communications