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Boccieri Golf Expands Services at Scottsdale Learning Center

Research & performance facility earns designation as an official Callaway Fitting Center

Scottsdale, Ariz. – Boccieri Golf, the exclusive home of robotic swing training in Arizona, has been designated as an Official Callaway Fitting Center. The Callaway “store within a store” features the full line of Callaway golf equipment, including the new EPIC driver.

“The Callaway Fitting Center designation is a natural progression for us,” commented Boccieri Golf President Tim Greenwell. “Using our robotic swing training system allows our instructors to help players build a consistent golf swing, after which they can fit them with the proper Callaway equipment.”

“The philosophy of Boccieri Golf mirrors that of Callaway,” said Randy Rubin, Director of Strategic Partnerships. “It is about helping players get more enjoyment from the game, Boccieri through cutting-edge robotic swing training and Callaway through the design and manufacture of premium golf equipment. Better instruction and properly fit golf clubs will allow players to reach their potential sooner and enjoy their game. When that happens, we all win.”

To ensure the proper fit, Boccieri Golf instructors will employ its 10-Point Measurement Process developed by company founder Stephen Boccieri. “Our instructors have mastered our proprietary fitting system using our database of over 1,000 shaft profiles,” stated Boccieri. “Matching the proper head, shaft and grip to a player’s swing will result in improved performance, greater consistency and lower scores.”

About Boccieri Golf
Boccieri Golf, founded in 2004 by Stephen Boccieri, has been the leader in the design and manufacture of counter balance golf equipment including the Heavy Putter, Heavy Wedge and Control Series swing clubs. In 2012, the company introduced the Secret Grip, the first and only counter balance grip that works on any club. The company’s latest innovation is the Robotic Swing Trainer instruction program, which teaches the perfect plane swing through motor pattern repetition, making the learning curve shorter and easier to understand. This instruction protocol, combined with the Boccieri proprietary custom-fitting system ensures golfers will play better golf.