Boccieri DF Series

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Heavy DF (for "deep face") putters stand out from the crowd due to a super-heavy head that weighs 60 percent more than anything else out there (total club weight is twice that of any competitor). The idea is to promote a "big muscle" stroke, so the small ones in your hands and wrists won't flip it or yip it. Models such as the C2-DF blade or the D3-DF mallet measure 1 1/4 inches from sole to topline. Most other heads, inlcuding earlier ones from Heavy, are 1 inch tall. Doesn't sound like much difference, but the taller face raises the club's center of gravity (CG). In this case, the CG is directly in line with the center point of the ball, which sits .84 inches above the ground. THe skinny for you should be better feel and improved roll.
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