Seeking Forgiveness? These Putters Offer Leniency

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Boccieri Golf's new Heavy Putter C2T-DF Tour is a heel-toe blade style with a Deep Face that is one-quarter inch higher than conventional putters.

"The higher center of gravity better aligns the putter with the equator of the ball without having to lift the putter off the ground," said Steve Boccieri, company president and CEO.

Like all Heavy Putters, the Deep Face Tour model has a much heavier than the normal stainless steel head at 465 grams, counterbalanced by 250 grams of weight in the grip end of the shaft. The result should be a pendulum swing that, according Boccieri, will yield greater consistency once the golfer becomes well-adapted to the extra weight.

With a rich black finish, the Deep Face Tour putter has a list price of $259.

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