The New Excalibur - The Heavy Putter from Boccieri Golf

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How about a new putter, one that will improve your game? Try the Heavy Putter from Boccieri Golf. Personally, I can't think of a better gift than one that will cut strokes from my game.

There's not a golf product that you can buy that's more personal than your putter. The putter is all things to all people: it's the blade that garners the glory when you have a good round, it's the ogre that gets the blame when you don't. It's the only club in the bag that gets used on every hole during the round, and it's the only club in the bag that can't be substituted for another, thus it can make or break an enjoyable day out. It's also the most loved and most hated club in the bag. Golfers, pro and amateur alike, spend most of their playing lives in search of the holy grail: the perfect putter, the modern day Excalibur.

The perfect putter? Is there such a magical implement? Maybe, maybe not. For sure there are an awful lot of them on the market, and they come in all sorts of shapes, weights and sizes, and with strange and weird names: the "three-ball," "two-ball," "Frog," and a whole host more. Some are better than others; some are little more than gimmicks; all are the subject of much discussion and after-round conversation.

I, myself, have struggled for many a year with my putting, changing from blade to mallet and back again. Each change offered something new and, so I thought, an improvement in my game, at least for a week or two. Always, the improvement was but a temporary one.

Then someone told me about the Heavy Putter. OK, I thought, so it's heavy. So what?

Well, a little research, a borrowed putter, and few rounds later, I began to feel the people at Boccieri Golf who made the thing might be onto something. The idea, as I think I understand it, is to take the putting stroke out of the hands and to engage the larger, more stable upper body muscles to improve the putting stroke. Hummm... .

And, of course, there's a whole lot more to it than that, technical stuff I'm certainly not qualified to talk about, or want to bore you with. The thing is, the Heavy Putter seems to work, as evidenced by the seemingly endless list of testimonials on the their website.

OK, but do they really work? Yes, I think they do, but you don't have to take my word for it. The Heavy Putter was ranked #1 among 18 leading putters in a side-by-side test conducted by Rankmark and Max Out Golf Labs, two of America's premier golf testing companies and experts in analyzing "what makes one club better than another".

There's a whole range of these putters, from blade to mallet, available for you to choose from. I have one of the new G3 deep-face models you see in the photograph, but the choice is, as always, subjective. You can buy one of the standard models off the shelf on-line, or you can go to one of Boccieri Golf's custom fitting centers.

The cost? Not so bad as you might think. I've handled putters priced from as low as $50 all the way up to $500. The Heavy Putters are priced in the low mid-range from $169 to $229, depending upon the model. The Verdict: As putters go, I think there's a definite benefit offered by the heavy Putter. Will it lower your scores? As always, the answer to that lies with the individual and how much practice is applied. For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Heavy Putter Website or call 888-788-8374

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