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James Achenbach interviews Stephen Boccieri.

Q: In general, do golfer have the ability to find the putter that's best for them?

A: Yes. Most gofers are pretty good at finding the right putter by trial and error. They putt with a bunch of putters until they get something they are comfortable with.

Q: In terms of head shape, are some golfers better off with a blade-type putter and other with a mallet-style putter?

A: People who use a blade see perpendicular lines better. They tend to line up a putt by focusing (hell to toe) on the putter head or the leading edge. People who use mallets see parallel lines better. A putter with a lot of width (front to back) is good for them.

Q: What is the biggest mistake that golfers make when buying putters?

A: Length. This is the biggest issue that people tend to neglect. My research shows me that the average length of a putter tha people should use is 33.5 inches. Yet many golfers are buying 35-or even 36-inch putters.

Q: Why are your putters heavier?

A: I believe that golfers should use putters with a heavier overall weight and higher balance point. This allows them to deactivate the hands and make a better stroke. The putters in our new MID-WEIGHT Series weigh about 750 grams overall, while most putters weigh around 500 grams or a little more.

Q: Your putters have lower swingweights, right?

A: Because we counterbalance the putters by placing weight in the back (butt) end, our sweingweights in the MID-WEIGHT series are roughly C0 to C4. This decreases head feel and helps remove tendency to manipulate the head and the hands.

Q: Do you pay John Daly to use your putter?

A: We have a tournament-to-tournament arrangement with John. We'd like to do a bigger deal, and we're working on that.

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