Daly Gets Lighter, Goes Heavy

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A runner-up finish at the BMW Italian Open puts John Daly right back in golf's spotlight again, and the timing couldn't be better for Heavy Putter.

Daly, who had lap-band surgery and has lost more than 40 pounds, began using a Heavy Putter Mid-Weight K4 putter last week, with sterling results. He averaged 27.7 putts per round for the week, highlighted by just 24 putts on Friday.

"He had four rounds in the 60s. The guy absolutely lit it up," said Stephen Boccieri, president of Boccieri Golf that makes the Heavy Putter. "We are going to do a short-term gig with him so we can use his name and likeness while he's in Europe. Then when he gets back I am going to meet with him."

Boccieri said that his PGA Tour rep had talked to Daly and had sent him two putters, but he did not receive them before leaving for a stint on the European Tour. Heavy Putter's European Tour rep did catch up with Daly and talked to him about trying the clubs.

"John generally likes the toe-droop putter," Boccieri said. "So he gravitated toward the K4 putter and he started putting with it, said 'Wow, this feels really good. Can you make me one at 34.5,' which is his length."

Daly also requested a CX2, which is similar to an Anser design, but after just a half hour of using the K4, Daly's caddie reported that they didn't need another model.

"He was putting so well with the K4 that he didn't want to confuse the issue," Boccieri said. "We put it in his hands and he immediately liked it."

Heavy Putter has been making strides on the world tours this month, as the Spanish Open runner-up, Fabrizio Zanotti, and Champions Tour Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf winner Bernhard Langer have recently been using the brand.

"Our sales are doing pretty good. Our April sales - we had our largest month. In a down market, we had our biggest month," Boccieri said.

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