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The Heavy Putter is back, and it's sleeker and slimmer than ever. When the first Heavy Putters were introduced by Boccieri Golf more than four years ago, they turned heads with unconventional looks and opened minds with unique weighting properties. The secret to the company's success isn't just the heavier putter head, but also a counterweight in the shaft that raises the balance point and quiets the wrists.

Boccieri Golf unveiled a new concept heading into this year - the lighter and more traditional looking Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT Series. The K4 model recently received the prestigious Golf Digest "Hot List" Award and is the putter currently used by John Daly. Florida Golf Central sat down with the inventor of the Heavy Putter and CEO of Boccieri Golf, former nuclear engineer, Stephen Boccieri:

FGC: Why MID-WEIGHT Series? Why now?

SB: This is a simple one! For the past few years, consumers have been asking for a lighter Heavy Putter. We were told that the Original Series was just too quantum a leap in weight for golfers - even though research indicated the heavier weight benefits the golfer's biomechanics, producing a more consistent stroke. The overwhelming evidence was not enough to convince most golfers, so we embarked on another research study that would redefine the Heavy Putter.

FGC: You mentioned research what exactly did you do?

SB: We went across the nation and challenged golfers of all abilities to compare their own putter against one of the new MID-WEIGHT's. 7 out of 10 golfers preferred ours to their current model. The results were so compelling that we used them in our national ad campaign.

FGC: How is the MID-WEIGHT different than conventional putters?

SB: Conventional putters weigh in at about 500 grams, with the majority of the weight in the head. This results in a low balance point, leading to a wristy stroke motion. The MIDWEIGHT is about 750 grams total with the head around 50 grams heavier than conventional putters. To balance, we add an additional 200 grams in the shaft under the grip. More weight means greater control. The higher balance point created by the backweight quiets the hands and promotes a more consistent, pendulum style stroke.

FGC: Is there a learning curve when switching to a Heavy Putter?

SB: In most cases, golfers immediately adapt and enjoy the additional control due to the added weight. What they don't realize is since the putter is heavier; it's traveling at a slower speed at impact, resulting in a short putt. Most golfers have the misconception that because it's heavy, they will hit the ball too far. Quite the opposite is true. The Heavy Putter is magnificent on fast greens.

FGC: We understand that John Daly is using one of the new MIDWEIGHT models, how did that happen?

SB: We have reps on all the major tours and John happened to try one of the new MID-WEIGHT's at the Italian Open. He immediately switched to the K4 model from his current putter, resulting in a runner-up finish, his best in years. Furthermore, we had 11 players at the Irish Open using the putter. We have wins on every major Tour and over 10 million in player earnings. Heavy Putter is just getting started.

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