Heavy Putter: Mid-Weight H-1

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When I opened the box containing my copy of the Heavy Putter H-1, I thought to myself, "Whoa! This thing is really heavy! I guess that's why they call the brand Heavy Putter (the actual name of the company is Boccieri Golf, after founder Stephen Boccieri)!" At a total weight of 750 grams, it's about 50% as heavy as the putter most likely in your bag today. Believe it or not, this is only the MID-WEIGHT version that was created after customers complained that the original 850-gram models were simply too heavy. Too heavy?? TOO HEAVY?? After seeing the immediate improvement this club made on my putting, I'm sold on the concept, I'm sold on the club, and I suspect the two guys I met on the putting green who had the same results will be ordering their Heavy Putter soon, too!

What makes the Heavy Putter so great? It's science, really... or at least great engineering. A lot of golfers (myself included) lack consistency in their putting stroke. Maybe that inconsistency is due to a wrist twitch, a rushed follow through, or any number of things. Heavy Putter found that by significantly increasing the weight of the club head and then counterbalancing it with an additional weight at the top of the shaft, golfers would immediately be forced to use the large, stabilizing muscles in their chest and shoulders to move the club instead of the smaller muscles more prone to inconsistency. With this club, it's virtually impossible to putt with anything but a nice pendulum motion that seems perfectly natural and not forced. The results are impressive and immediate, giving me little reason to doubt Heavy Putter's claim that it is scientifically proven to improve your game.

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The model I have, the Mid-Weight H-1, has a very standard mallet look. The black matte finish provided excellent contrast to the white aiming line. One thing you don't notice when standing over the club, however, is that the bottom of the head is actually curved to help promote a pendulum-like swing. The club's face is filled with ridges to provide good roll, but unlike others we've tested (see TaylorMade Itsy Bitsy Spider), you're not too likely to cut yourself with this one!

I personally love the fact that basically all of the Heavy Putters are great putters without the gimmicky designs of some new models. Maybe I'm just a classic guy, but I want my putting-not the putter-to be the focus of attention. That classic finish is topped off with a simple grey/black Winn grip, maker of quite possibly my favorite grips in golf.

I tested the H-1 on literally my first outing of the season. There was a lot of rust to break off thanks to a bitterly cold northeast winter this year. I almost felt bad for giving the H-1 such a formidable challenge. Apparently, it didn't care. In fact, the H-1 immediately stepped up to the plate and swung for the fences!

After using my day-to-day putter for a warm up, I grabbed the H-1 and proceeded to drain several 10-15 footers. "Surely that was a fluke, right?" While I didn't make every putt, I made a lot of them. The most impressive part to me was how consistent my putting stroke felt and how consistent the results of my putts were. The extra weight really seemed to help keep my hands flowing through contact thus preventing me from pushing the ball as I often do. My putts were nice and straight, and the ones I missed were in a much tighter formation around the hole than when using my day-to-day putter.

A few minutes later, two guys started using the practice green as well. I asked them both if they'd like to test out the H-1. Both of them were surprised at just how heavy it was. And then both of them proceeded to drain two downhill 15-footers. After jokingly saying to them, "I guess you're both a lot better at putting than me," one of them replied, "Those were the first two putts I made today!" Case closed!

The bottom line with the Heavy Putter H-1 is that this concept is no joke. It works. And unless you're in love with your current putter, it's more than worth your time to take a look and see if the Heavy Putter is right for you.

Listed on for $169, this is definitely not a cheap club. That said, there are tons of putters out there that take way more cash from your wallet without providing any substantial return on the green. I believe consistent use of the Heavy Putter could easily shave several strokes off my game (and I suspect yours as well). And since I know it's my short game that tends to run up my score, $169 is very reasonable for the high quality of this club. In the end, you'll have to decide what's worth it and what's not.
Overall - 9.0

I'm an average golfer-definitely no Tiger Woods. Still, I'm confident this club will help my game. Based on the comments that other average golfers have made on Heavy Putters website, I don't think I'm alone. This club is different than normal, but it's different for a reason-not just different to be different. It's function over form. It's science over sizzle. And it's proven to provide golfers of any skill level results they are proud to share at the 19th hole.

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