Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Review

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A few months back The Hackers Paradise had the opportunity review the Heavy Putter and came away fairly impressed in our testing. So when we heard the news that Boccieri Golf was coming out with a new version we were pretty excited about the opportunity to try it out. You see one of the only issues that we had with the original version that we tried was that while playing a course with fast greens, we struggled quite a bit with controlling the speed.

In fact our only complaint the entire time of testing the Heavy Putter was it was just a tiny bit TOO heavy for fast greens. The original series weighed in at about 900 grams and when using it as a tool to promote proper putting it was hands down the best we had tried to date. Apparently the people at Boccieri Golf were listening to us because the new Heavy Putter Mid-Weight has arrived. Weighing in at 750 grams it has just about a 20% weight reduction from its ancestor. The Mid-Weight putters, like the Heavy Putter before it, include a counterweight in the butt end of the grip. This raises the balance point of the putter while keeping the heavy head in check.

One thing we really liked about the earlier Heavy Putter that we reviewed was the appearance. It was incredibly sharp looking that seemed to give you confidence as you stood over it. The J2 Mid-Weight Heavy Putter is no different, in fact it may even be better looking. Our first impressions were extremely positive and it seemed to have everything going for it. The J2 is finished in what could be called charcoal gray to almost black. The lines are simply gorgeous and with the single white stripe for alignment, this putter sets up like few before it. But the aesthetics of the club will only get you so far on the course.

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