Heavy Putter weighs in with a new, more svelte line

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The Heavy Putter has gone on a diet, sort of, for 2009.

When the appropriately named product first launched in 2004, Boccieri Golf's portfolio of overweight putters weighed in at 900 grams each, twice the norm. The technology, based on heavier weighting in both the clubhead and grip area of the shaft, called for a pendulum swing that would promote consistency and stability.

Although Boccieri has introduced new models every year since 2004 with various design tweaks, it has remained faithful to its original weighting, until now. For 2009, the company has introduced six models of putters in a Mid-Weight series that should prove more attractive to and more easily adaptable by a wider range of golfers.

In essence, the philosophy has not changed, although the weighting has. The overall weight of the new putters is 750 grams, still 250 to 300 grams above the norm. But the change was enacted because the company found many golfers just would not make the switch to a full 900 grams.

"We did a lot of research with golfers everywhere," explained Steve Boccieri, president and CEO. "Although many, many players acknowledged the soundness of our technology, the heavier weight was an impediment to getting players to change over. And, truthfully, besides the mental aspect, some players physically just didn't adapt to handling the extra weight."

"The entire line looks classic, traditional, but with the extra weight," said Boccieri. "This is a very manageable putter that still yields the benefits of a Heavy Putter."

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