Best in Show

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The 57th annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando January 28-30 attracted more than 1,000 vendors to the floor of the Orange County Convention Center. Here are the top products that caught my eye:

Heavy Wedge: Jack Nicklaus first popularized “back-weighting” in his grips in the ‘60s because he felt it kept his hands stable. Tests have shown that players using counter-weights (about 65 grams in the butt) have a better swing path, better tempo and hit the ball farther. Strangely, the only manufacturer to backweight its clubs is Heavy Putter, which has finally expanded its line beyond putters. The 37 percent higher balance point in the Heavy Wedge helps golfers set their hands earlier and retain the angle on the downswing longer for better shots. $110, four different lofts and bounce combinations;

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