Boccieri Golf Heavy Wedge Control Series

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From the makers of the Heavy Putter comes the Heavy Wedge. Boccieri Golf's Heavy Putter series is built on higher clubhead weights and additional weight in the upper end of the shaft, raising the balance point. Unlike the Heavy Putter, however, the Heavy Wedge Control Series wedges have clubheads that are only slightly heavier than other wedge heads on the market. But 65 grams of weight is added to the butt of the shaft, raising the balance point.

The higher balance point, Boccieri Golf claims, results in better distance control, a smoother swing and better swing path, and helps the golfer accelerate the wedge through impact.

The clubs in the Heavy Wedge Control Series - which represent Boccieri's first clubs outside the putter market - come in lofts including 52 (8 degrees of bounce), 56 (11-degree bounce) and 60 (bounces of 4 and 7) degrees, with a non-glare, satin finish. The MSRP at debut is $109.95.

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