Boccieri Golf scores again with Heavy Wedge

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Steve Boccieri isn’t a man to let grass grow under his feet. Even ifs the Bermuagrass on golf courses. The man who brought you the Heavy Putter is continuing to help people with their short games with the Heavy Wedge, which like the Heavy Putter , features counterweight technology.

A clean, traditional blade with a satin non-glare finish and CNC milled groves, the Heavy Putter is heavier than a conventional wedge thanks to an extra 65 grams positioned in the butt of the shaft.

The added weight, according to Boccieri,, raises the club's balance point and promotes better distance control, tighter shot dispersion, acceleration through impact, smoother tempo and better feel on both full swing and greenside shots.

It might sound a bit funny at first – a heavier wedge being easier to it – that’s really the case, particularly from chip shots around the green. The wedge (I use a 56-degree) easily tracks straight back and through the ball.

“Your hands don’t do a lot of ‘flipping,.’ That was the genesis of it,’’ Boccieri, said. “The hands don’t break down.’’

The Heavy Wedge (suggested retail price $109.50) is available in lofts of 52, 56 and 60 degrees.

“The Heavy Wedge is the natural evolution of our brand and establishes Boccieri Golf as more than just a putter company," Boccieri said. “We want people to ‘take control’ of their short games and the Heavy Wedge is another way they can do that.’’

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