Heavy Putter - Mid-Weight Series

| Arizona Fairways |

Steve Boccieri, President and inventor of the Heavy Putter says: "The putter is based in pure biomechanics and physics. The human body is always looking to use the lease amount of energy as possible. Therefore, when you pick up a traditional putter that is light, your body will only want to use the hands and wrists to make the stroke. There is no need for the body to use any larger muscles since it is trying to use a light object. Once a player picks up the Heavy Putter, the body will sense that it has to handle a a heavier object and will instinctively start to use the larger more stable muscles (the back, shoulders, the arms). This will allow the player to make a much more consistent stroke."

Some Players complained that the original Heavy Putter was too much change from their original putter, so, by changing only half of the original putter's weight, the Mid-Weight Putter was born.

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