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Heavy Putter LITE-WEIGHT Series and Heavy Wedge

Incorporating the counterweight technology that made the Heavy Putter a household name, the Heavy Wedge is a traditionally designed blade with a satin non-glare finish and CNC milled groves for maximum spin. With a head mass only slightly heavier than a conventional wedge, the added weight (65 grams) is positioned in the butt of the shaft, raising the club's balance point and promoting distance control, tighter shot dispersion, acceleration through impact, smoother tempo and incredible feel on both full swing and greenside shots.

The genesis of the LITE-WEIGHT series stems from PGA Tour player feedback, which conveyed a preference for an option that retained the benefits of the Heavy Putter on a lighter scale. When paired with existing Heavy Putter models -- including the 750 gram MID-WEIGHT and 900 gram HEAVY-WEIGHT series -- the new styles provide a putter for every preference.

Heavy Irons

One of four completely new Boccieri Golf products, the Heavy Irons - crafted with the company's exclusive backweighted technology - are designed to improve overall player consistency by controlling tempo as well as increasing stability and sweet spot contact. The increased head mass - approximately eight grams more than conventional models - is balanced by the counterweight in the grip end of the shaft and shortening the length of the club one-quarter inch. Initial sets constructed with True Temper Dynamic Gold SL shafts, 4 - PW.

Heavy Hybrid

Designed to be a substitute for the Heavy 3-iron, the Heavy Hybrid - with an increased mass head and 50-gram backweight - is synchronized with the irons for greater control. Like all Boccieri Golf products, the Heavy Hybrid utilizes the company's exclusive composition for improved performance. The hybrid showcases a finished length of 40 inches and a proprietary Aldila NVS Hybrid shaft for uniformity throughout the set.

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