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Boccieri Golf took the world by storm in 2005 when it introduced the Heavy Putter, a flat stick that was, simply, HEAVY. In early 2010 Boccieri Golf introduced a number of new putter models in three distinct weight classes, the LITE-WEIGHT Series, MID-WEIGHT Series and HEAVY-WEIGHT Series. Available in a black PVD (Particulate Vapor Deposition) finish, with select styles showcasing a silver satin finish, all models feature the company's innovative system of added weight within the head and grip. This causes the body to engage its larger muscles for a consistent swing path, uniform pace, precise distance and directional control, as well as tightening end-over-end golf ball roll.

When Boccieri Golf announced they would be adding the Heavy Wedge to its lineup, THP was intrigued and eager to begin testing. With a head mass only slightly heavier than a conventional wedge, most of the added weight (65 grams) is positioned in the butt of the shaft, raising the club's balance point nearly 40 percent, promoting distance control, an improved swing path, tighter shot dispersion, acceleration through impact, smoother tempo and unparalleled feel.

"The Heavy Wedge is the natural evolution of our brand and establishes Boccieri Golf as more than just a putter company," said Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO. "Sharing the same counterweighting technology that propelled the Heavy Putter to the forefront of the golf equipment world, this new line helps players of all skill levels improve performance and lower scores."

The Heavy Wedge is available in four models: 5208 (52 ° loft and 8 ° bounce), 5611, 6004 and 6007 and features a satin non-glare finish as well as a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milled face and grooves constructed out of soft 8620 carbon steel for maximum feel and spin. Custom shaft lengths and lie adjustments are available. All models are available for both right- and left-handers except the 6004, which is only offered in a right-hand version.

THP testers went into this testing "eyes wide open" and what we found is that many of the higher handicap players and golfers who continually struggle with wedge play were hooked on the Heavy Wedge from Boccieri Golf almost immediately. Many amateur golfers have a constant battle with deceleration through the ball with their wedges which in turn kills consistency and solid short games. The Heavy Wedge kept the club head moving through impact and helped the majority of the testers who struggled with accelerating through the shot.

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