The Thinking-Golfer's Wedge

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Odd, isn't it, how the more you think about your swing during a round, the worse it gets? Well, we're weighing each word carefully when we call the Heavy Wedge "the thinking-golfer's wedge."

We call it that because Stephen Boccieri put a lot of thought into his innovative wedge so that we don't even think about chunking and skulling shots -- and we start thinking about checking the ball and backing it up on the green.

Consider this: A normal wedge clubhead weighs 300 grams and has little counterbalance in the shaft. With 65 grams of mass added high in the shaft, the Heavy Wedge has counterbalance that creates a less head-heavy feel. Setting the hands during the backswing is easier, there's less "casting the clubhead" during the downswing and, most important, the clubhead is less apt to hurry ahead of the hands at impact.

Think about it, watch this video and then get the wedge. It's a no-brainer buy.

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