Boccieri Golf R3-MT Putter Review


Boccieri Golf is leading the counter weight revolution in the golf industry. The whole idea behind the technology is by adding weight to strategic areas of a golf club, golfers will naturally develop better mechanics and the result will be more fundamental golf swing.

In this review, I will share my thoughts and opinions about the R3-MT putter. But, before we get started, let's first hear from Boccieri Golf.

The R3-MT is a tour-designed mallet style putter. The putter also features a double bend shaft with a half shaft offset and three degrees of loft. From a distance, the look of the R3-MT rivals the appearance of any Odyssey or Scotty Cameron mallet-style putter on the market. But, upon closer inspection, you'll realize that the R3-MT potentially holds the answer to your putting woes.

The engineers and club designers at Boccieri Golf did a great job with the design of the R3-MT. It perfectly balances the benefit of its patented Weight Management System with the appearance. Putting is all about confidence, so vanity plays a big role in the purchasing decision of golfers. If you don't like the look of your putter, how are you supposed to feel comfortable with it on the green?

I can honestly say I will be sad when we give the R3-MT putter away. I joked (halfway seriously) with Andrew to let me keep it, but naturally, he said "Get outta here". Alas, one lucky oobgolf Addict will have a chance to win the R3-MT in a future Addict Giveaway.

Back to the review, I played with the R3-MT a few times on a variety of greens and I am sold on Boccieri Golf's patented Weight Management System. The idea is to move weight up the club to help stable a golfer's putting stroke. The R3-MT is a mid-weight putter, so it features a 200 gram weight under the grip. The additional weight in the grip end of the club naturally promotes golfers to use more muscle groups to swing the putter, which results in a more stable putting stroke.

I expected to see better results slower greens, however, I found I putted better with the R3-MT on faster greens. I have a tendency to get "handsy" with my putter, but the combination of the R3-MT and the faster greens virtually eliminated my hands from the putting stroke. So as a result, I rolled the ball better and more consistently.

I give the Boccieri Golf R3-MT putter a 9.0. It looks good, it promotes a better fundamental putting stroke and it's affordable. My only complaint about the R3-MT is the sound at impact. It has a nice solid feel, but the acoustics could use a tweak. Yes, it's a minor detail. But, the devil is in the detail.

The R3-MT is not going to prevent 3-putts, but I'd recommend you consider one of Boccieri Golf's Heavy Putters before you switch the a belly or long putter. I do believe that it's only a matter of time before the patented Weight Management System catches on with the Odyssey's of the golf world.

You can buy the putter new for only $199 and it is available in lengths from 32" to 36". The putter is only available for right handed golfers (sorry Phil Mickelson).

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