Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Putters


Key Technologies:

It has a 200-gram plug in the butt end of the shaft (club's total weight is 750 grams). "Backweighting" the club is designed to move the balance point higher and, thus, reduce wristiness during the stroke.


Delivers on its promise to take your hands out of the stroke; most testers find it a better option than "Heavy-Weight" models.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Good option for inside-square-inside putting strokes; effective on longer putts as it takes the "hit" out of your stroke; putts start on line with a nice roll once you gauge its weight.

FEEL: Flush feel if you forward-press it; surprisingly soft given the club's overall weight; testers like Winn's midsize cord grip.

LOOK: The bronze Q2-M has a gunmetal-satin, anti-glare finish; the large profile appears quite forgiving.

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