PGA Merchandise Show: A Little of This, A Little of That

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Boccieri Golf: Stephen Boccieri, president and CEO of Boccieri Golf - the makers of The Heavy Putter - talked about this radical, and not-so trend-setting views on the technology of golf equipment. Boccieri was a former nuclear engineer for 25 years with a background in seismic analysis.

As a long-time golfer, Boccieri's curiosity of the how and why golf equipment was made the way it was for so many years, was primarily the brainchild for Boccieri Golf. In essence, Boccieri surmises the industry had gone about it all wrong, considering advances in other realms of science and innovation golf manufacturers could pull from. So, in 2004 Boccieri introduced the Heavy Putter, with the Heavy Wedge soon following and, just this week, has introduced the full matching set of woods and irons to complement. His "backweighting" technology, Boccieri said, helps a player hold the "angle of retention" longer before impact, as well as creating a more consistent square club face at impact, which should ultimately help you hit better and more consistent golf shots.

The technology in the Heavy Driver features a unique dimple pattern, called "dimple face technology" that, along with the counter-balanced weighting, explained Boccieri, provides a higher velocity of ball speed at impact than many of his bigger and more well-known competitors.

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