What the Media is Saying About the Boccieri Golf 2011 "Full Swing" Range of Products

"I was among a long line of startled golfers who tried out the Heavy Driver on the range at Orange County National during PGA Demo Day and, after busting long straight drive after long straight drive, stood there with mouth agape and said, Holy cow."


"One industry expert told me it (Heavy Driver) was one of the most effective clubs he's ever seen – and he's seen them all."


"We could only pick a few new products from the PGA Show that stood out. The Heavy Wedge is one. It uses the same counterweight technology found in the Boccieri Golf Heavy Putters."

- Golfweek

"The Heavy Wedge by Boccieri Golf has 65 added grams in the butt end of the shaft, raising the balance point for a smoother, more controlled swing."

- GolfDigest

"Backweighting technology helps a player hold the 'angle of retention' longer before impact, as well as creating a more consistent square club face, which should ultimately help you hit better and more consistent shots."

- Golf Channel

"With the Heavy Putter and Heavy Wedge, Steve Boccieri, a former nuclear engineer, proves that the perfect swing is a weight(ed) matter."

- RL Magazine

"Jack Nicklaus first popularized back weighting, but Boccieri Golf has perfected it. The technique keeps your hands stable and has earned the company a 'Best in Show' honor."

- Links

"Steve Boccieri and Boccieri Golf will keep moving up to the front line, joining the Callaways of the world, if he keeps coming up with great products that break techno-barriers."

- Fairways+Greens

"One of the newest and best new gadgets for golfers this spring is the Heavy Wedge by Boccieri Golf, which raises the club's balance point and promotes a smoother tempo as well as acceleration through impact."

- Calgary Herald

"Boccieri Golf put a lot of thought into the Heavy Wedge so you don't have to. No thinking about chunking and skulling when you play with this club, it's counterbalanced weight gives you more control."

- Golf Partners Club

"Because the extra weight is at the top of the shaft, the Heavy Driver's swing weight remains fairly low. Added weight under the grip enhances tempo and helps the golfer achieve more control of the club during the swing."


"The Heavy Wedge by Boccieri Golf promotes distance control, smoother tempo and tighter shot dispersion."

- Avid Golfer

"Steve Boccieri's Boccieri Golf products have gained acceptance in the marketplace and only expect to grow with the Heavy Wedge, his first expansion, and even more with additional clubs on the horizon."

- Golfweek

"If your short game's a train wreck that ruins excellent fairway percentages, then consider the Heavy Wedge by Boccieri Golf. The extra weight is well worth the strokes it will save."


"We were hooked on the Heavy Wedge by Boccieri Golf almost immediately."

- The Hackers Paradise

"Coolest product at the PGA Show: Boccieri Golf Heavy Driver. "


"I could certainly live with the uniformly straight and longer-than-expected shots that seemed to fly off each club's face."


"Boccieri Golf's Control Series of irons, fairway woods, hybrids and drivers (aka the Heavy Driver) made an impressive debut at Orange County National."

- Wei Under Par

"I hit the irons with results that got my attention. The swing weights are head-spinningly low – B9, as opposed to somewhere up in the high C or low D level. The trick is counterweighting…loading up the handle with mass – that changes the leverage action dramatically."

- Gear Effect Golf

"The Heavy Irons, hybrid and driver felt fluid and natural."

- Waggle Room

"Boccieri Golf focuses on its exclusive counter-weight technology in each product. By incorporating a back-weight under the grip to raise the balance point, Boccieri Golf induces a smooth and steady swing."

- Cyber Golf

"The Heavy Driver features a 460cc titanium head and incorporates revolutionary 'Dimple Face Technology' to maximize the coefficient of restitution (COR) without decreasing durability."

- The Sun News

"Guys who hit the Heavy Driver have nothing but positive things to say about the performance."


"The Heavy Driver received stellar reviews during the PGA Show demo day."