My Trip to Demo Day 2012

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I met up with Steve Boccieri of Heavy Golf, the company that came up with the Heavy Putter, the Heavy Driver and last year, the whole darned heavy set. The clubs are terrific and, FYI, they aren't that heavy. As a compromise to those who don't pick up all the irons but want to standardize the weighted feel of their irons, they've got a new Secret Grip –- a 94-gram grip that's also an inch longer. If you've got a Heavy driver and a heavy fairway wood or two, and you want to get a similar feel for your irons, you slip a Secret Grip on and suddenly your irons feel better.

I hit some shots with a regular pitching wedge and some more with a wedge that had the heavier grip. Shots with the heavier club felt better, more powerful and more solid. It wasn't even a contest. Once you go heavy, you don't want to go back. The Heavy clubs, in my opinion, may be the most underrated products in golf. They're not that easy to find, but if you get the chance, hit some demos on a range. You will not believe it.


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