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Starting with the Heavy Putter, club engineer and designer Steve
Boccieri has singlehandedly reframed the debate of what golf equipment
should be. Lighter is not always better, as his tests and sales have
proved, and even as he’s expanded into mid-weight and light-weighted
sticks across the spectrum (wedges, irons, even drivers), he’s never
lost that heavy-driven philosophy. Now he’s brought the vibe to a grip
whose compound is 40 percent heavier than regular models. A tungsten
weight in the butt-end raises a club’s balance point, promoting
consistently crisp contact, greater control and distance. The grip is an
inch longer than standard, allowing players to choke-down further for
improved play around the green or uneven lies, while its built-up lower
section makes additional grip tape wrapping obsolete. $18.99 per grip.

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