Boccieri Golf Secret Grip exclusively at Dick's Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy

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The secret is out, as in "Secret Grip," and customers can receive a free Jack Nicklaus-endorsed Secret Grip until Father's Day.

One of the most innovative companies in golf, Boccieri Golf has announced that its Secret Grip is now available at Dick's Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy stores, and that through Father's Day, the retailers will install one free grip on the 7-iron or driver of any customer that presents a voucher from

It's a great deal, and a great opportunity to try the same technology that made Jack Nicklaus so successful. 

If you look at the secret grip, you may not know what to think, but the Secret Grip is a patented technological breakthrough that allows players to easily backweight their golf clubs.

This process is similar to what the legendary Jack Nicklaus did while winning 73 PGA Tour titles and 18 major championships during his storied career.

The Secret Grip is designed to be installed quickly and I'm not an engineer, but I was able to install it effortlessly.

How it works

The Secret Grip's heavier weight raises the club's balance point, promoting continuous crisp contact for better control and increased distance.

The extra weight comes from a tungsten insert in the end and a proprietary compound from Boccieri that makes the club 40 percent heavier than the grip you are probably using today.

"Back-weighting is a secret that Tour players have employed for decades, so we are extremely excited about giving our players the same benefits with the Secret Grip," says Randy Cameron, Vice President of Merchandising for Golf Galaxy. "By helping players get their hands set in a better position and keeping the swing on plane, they will enjoy better results. Moreover, Jack Nicklaus giving his support of the technology in the Secret Grip will instill the confidence in our customers to help them play their best."
When I talked with Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando he was all smiles when talking about the Secret Grip.

"Comprehensive research and testing proves backweighting allows golfers to maximize on-course performance," says Boccieri. "Partnering with Golf Galaxy and Dick's to introduce the Secret Grip nationwide is a perfect way to put product into the hands of golfers with a no-risk, free trial offer." 

The media has also loved the Secret Grip. it was named a "Top Products from the PGA Show" and garnered honors from Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine.

Further advantages of the Secret Grip ($16.99 each) include:

Total length one-inch longer than standard grips, allowing players to "grip down" for improved play, especially around the green and on uneven lies

A built-up lower section – often preferred by PGA Tour players – completely removes the need for additional grip tape wrapping

The Secret Grip is the latest innovation from Boccieri Golf, pioneer of the popular Heavy Putter and critically acclaimed "Control Series" of full swing clubs.

Stop by your local Dick's or Golf Galaxy and give the Secret Grip a look or try. With this offer, you have nothing to lose, other than a few strokes off your score.

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