Boccieri Golf Secret Putter Grip and EL Series Putter Review

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"As of a few years ago, Boccieri Golf was really the only company out there actively producing and marketing golf equipment that featured a strong emphasis on back weighting and counter balance."

"Added weight and a balance point closer to the body should provide stability and allow the golfer to take his or her wrists out of the equation. These are themes that made anchored strokes so popular as well."

"The Heavy Putter's center of gravity is closer to the human body's core CG, resulting in greater stroke stability."

"The variety available in the EL Series is one of its biggest assets."

"In addition to their prolific putter line, Boccieri is now offering an easy way to realize some of the benefits of back weighting in their Secret Putter Grip."

"The Secret Grip is especially exciting to me. It's not only a lower cost way to take the plunge into back weighting, it's something that can be used on any putter."

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