Heavy Putter Inventor Partners with Golden Bear

We've been following the good fortunes of Boccieri Golf for more than five years, starting back when the company launched its innovative Heavy Putter. Since that time, the company has released numerous Heavy Putter series, and has grown into a full-blow equipment company with its Heavy Irons, Heavy Wedges and Heavy Driver.

Now founder Stephen Boccieri has achieved another milestone: a partnership with the legendary Jack Nicklaus to promote Boccieri's Secret Grip.

The Secret Grip features a tungsten weight for a heavier grip that raises the balance point for enhanced control over the golf swing. “Throughout my career, all my golf clubs were back-weighted,” Nicklaus says. “The main benefit was that it helped slow down my hands and reduce dispersion. There are a lot of people who could benefit from the philosophy that I used and that is why we have been working with Boccieri Golf. “

Kudos to Boccieri Golf for building a putter company into an emerging powerhouse with a new major endorser.

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