Rick's Picks: favorite products from the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show

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I'm still trying to recover. Not my feet mind you, they of course are going to be sore after walking 10 miles of aisles at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

I'm talking about trying to get my eyes to readjust after looking at thousands of new and updated products at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show. As usual, the products run the gamut from the innovative to the weird and of course everything else falls somewhere in between.

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The big companies always attract a lot of attention from the media and attendees, but what I like to do is roam the floor and look for new and innovative products you might not hear about anywhere else.

Again, there was a ton of cool stuff on hand at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show, here are some of my favorites.

Edel By Faldo Wedges
What could be better than custom-made wedges from Sir Nick Faldo? Not much,says the six-time major champion when talking about his new endeavor.

"This is a great partnership with Edel," Faldo told me at Wednesday's Demo Day. "David (Edel) had this uniqueness in wedge technology with the bounce, and once the player determines hat kind of swinger he or she is, we can put the right wedge in their hands."

Wedges have been the "forgotten club" over the years, but not anymore says Faldo.

"Players can put their own names on the clubs, so they are personalized, and we can make other sets in gold or with diamonds, so they are like a work of art."

Faldo hopes players buy two sets. One to use and one to display. He's not only a great golfer, but a good businessman.

Club Glove
I've written about Club Glove before, but it remains my favorite company when it comes to golf and travel bags. Getting a personal tour of the Club Glove booth from founder Jeff Herold is a treat and a half. Herold is a visionary and his vision can be found in all of Club Glove's products. All you need to know is they have a lifetime guarantee. Their new camouflage color is fantastic and they also make a great golf towel.

Secret Grip
Talking to Boccieri Golf President and CEO, Steve Boccieri, you see the smile on his face and hear the excitement in his voice. The Boccieri Secret Grip will back-weight your clubs, just like Jack Nicklaus does.

So it's only natural Boccieri has teamed up with Nicklaus to make a grip that is easily installed on any manufacturer's clubs and will give you a great feel.

"Jack's secret, the counterweighted equipment which helped him win 18 major championships and 73 PGA Tour titles, is available for all golfers to benefit from," said Boccieri in Orlando.

Nicklaus doesn't lend his name to just any product, but he knows what back-weighting can do. The Secret Grip will be available at every Dick's and Golf Galaxy.

Biosteel Sports Drink
Biosteel was developed as an energy drink to improve power and performance. Originally made for hockey players, it translates over to golf. It gives you sustained energy and is diabetic and vegan friendly. It's pink in color, but it has the right mix of amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins to drink before and during your round of golf.

We all know Crocs. Our kids wear them, we wear them around the house and now we can wear them on the golf course. They were the product of the year at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, now there are new models for 2013 and all I can say is "Wow!" I wear Crocs all the time and even considered wearing them to play 18. Now I don't have to do that with Crocs' line of golf shoes. The same technology that makes Crocs so comfortable and durable applies here.

"It's one of the lightest shoes in the industry and players don't have to worry about how their feet fell," says Patrick Rich, public relations manager for Crocs.

For 2013 it's 2.0 products, a golf sandal for men and women, and golf "duck" shoe.

Golfers know Kentwool for their golf socks. They are the best, and it's great to know Kentwool is also making casual and dress socks you can wear to the office. Coming soon from Kentwool - compression socks.

Cart Clamp iPad mini Holder
Cart Clamp realizes that we take our smartphones, tablets and sometimes out office with us when we go to the course. Their line of clamps now includes one for the iPad mini. Safely clamp the Cart Clamp Golf Cart Organizer to your roof support in your cart and then you are ready to attach all sorts of accessories to it. It makes sure that everything you need is within reach.

Quick Spikes
Transform your everyday shoes into golf shoes with Quick Spikes. It attaches to the bottom of your shoes and you can hit the course with plastic spikes. Perfect for packing if you have to travel, great for junior golfers as you won't have to buy a new pair of golf shoes every few months. They retail for less than $30, so it's a great buy.

Chase 54 Apparel
A great new clothing line from Chase 54 in Atlanta. High tech fabrics that are comfortable and it's waterproof. I mean really waterproof. I watched a demonstration where the water immediately disappeared when put on a Chase 54 shirt. I expect big things from Chase 54

The best golf belt you can buy. You easily adjust the belt to fit your size. It's attractive and can be worn on and off the course. It has a quick release that makes it the belt to wear when going through airport security.

Pukka Custom Caps
For years, Pukka has made custom hats, and now they are making iPhone cases. Great designs and a great company to deal with.

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