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  • I purchased a putter you had on special for 55.00 a couple of weeks ago. I never practiced with it and got to use today at my regular course here in Charlotte. No warm up practice putting,went straight to first tee. I'm a 98.5 player. Shot 46-45=91 which was great but what is more amazing was I only took 26 putts for 18 holes. I one putted 10 times!! This putter is unreal. I was using a Scotty Cameron long putter due 3 back operations but this putter feel great at 36 inches. Thank You for a great product.

    - North Carolina
  • Hello, this is Mike Mcphee from Edmonton Alberta Canada.
    I have ordered  a set of cord grips and of course a L3-M putter

    This is My Review:
    First of all this is my Back ground in Golf - I am 52 and have played 44yrs straight! I am a 9.6 handicap as of March 11th/14
    My nick name now is "Little Moe" after the great Moe Norman. 
    First off the L3-M Putter: 
    The putter was a guess for getting the length but with the help of your staff, it worked out. I putt every well and now this Putter has made it even more comfortable with direction and especially distance control. (Lagging putts I am still adjusting) it is 50th putter in my collection. (first one in 11 years that I have played with for more than 3 rounds)

    The Secret Grips:
    I went with the core grips so to ease up on my grip and still control my swing. (I wear two gloves to practice and one to play... easy on the hands)
    I have gained at least 12 yard on my PW 9,8,7,6 
    My 5,4,3, are closer to the same distance as the were (still gaining but in smaller increments as the club is a lower loft)
    My "new" 3 & 5 Adams Ti's have the SG's are incredible distance and control. So happy that I can vary the distance and height by choking down with the longer length grips. 
    Driver: (Titlest 913D3) It been a  challenge..... to pick a men's nite scramble team to play for!!! "Pipe line Moe: 
    My average of hitting fairway is 83% (on my golf course "Black bull" in Pigeon Lake Alberta. Check the rating on this course,,,)

    Fairway's hit 
    =  All "A" +

    Handicap is at 4.6 and it's only June 3/14
    Thank you very much

    - Alberta, Canada
  • My friend Paul bought Boccieri heavy clubs because Jack Nicklaus used heavy clubs thru out his entire golf career and endorses Boccieri heavy clubs. Paul's golf game improved 8 strokes overnight after he bought Boccieri 's heavy clubs. Last time we played, he hit 11 perfect irons at the pin in a row and I could see that I just wasn't going to win our bets anymore. So I made an appt with Boccieri Golf for myself to try out Boccieri's heavy clubs.  

    When I arrived, Chris gave me a bottle of water and a tour of Boccieri's beautiful facility. I asked Chris if I could try the heavy putter first because I was losing bets due to missed putts. Chris said he has a $10,000 putting stroke analysis machine that hooks wires up to my body and putter to analyze my stroke in detail. "Fantastic" I replied, "let's do it." 
    I spent the next 2 hours hitting putts with my own putter while Chris  reviewed 20 putting graph readouts that pointed out exactly what my putting stroke was doing wrong. 
    Chris said " now lets compare a heavy putter. Choose one you like from the racks holding over 100 heavy putters. The heavy putter will correct many flaws in your stroke." The heavy putter worked immediately. I  made three of five 10 footers. Steve Boccieri, the owner, then took a look at the putting graphs of my stroke and said " the graphs still say you have an alignment problem. Try this model of heavy putter.  It will correct your alignment."  It worked. I made five 10 footers in a row. The combination of the $10,000 putting machine  and the heavy putter corrected my faults and completely smoothed out my stroke. I am now a good putter.
    My putting confidence has skyrocketed.

    I  once paid $500 for a Scotty Cameron putter that didn't help my stroke. 
    Boccieri golf let me use the $10,000 putting stroke analyzing machine and corrected the flaws in my putting stroke for free.
    They don't charge for that. I really like this heavy putter and it only cost me $114. 

    After putting, Chris invited me to hit full shots at a computerized screen using the same brand clubs, but one regular weight and one heavy club.
    I hit first with a standard weight Mizuno iron and then with Boccieri's heavy club Mizuno iron.Then we looked at the computer to compare shot dispersion patterns.  The dispersion patterns using Mizuno heavy irons were so much tighter.. Chris explained why. Chris said that heavy irons are much easier to keep on plane on  your backswing, downswing and followthru. No question, heavy clubs do stay on plane better. Heavy irons hit farther, straighter and the carry distance is much more consistent so the dispersion pattern is a lot tighter. I now carry only heavy clubs in my golfbag: irons, wedges, fairway woods, driver and putter.
    Heavy clubs cut about 8 strokes off my score, same as it did for Paul.

    Paul's says if heavy clubs are good enough for Jack Nicklaus, they're good enough for him. I agree.

    - Tucson, AZ
  • I just wanted to tell you thanks, I got my driver done and purchased the grip for my putter. Both made a difference the first time. Great grips now it's time to do the other ten clubs. Thanks again.

    - Metairie, LA
  • Thank you so much for your EL Heavy Putter. I'm 55 years old, haven't been playing that much the last 20 years, but have started to play again a few time a month the past 6 months. Since putting Secret Grips on all my clubs, and switching to the EL, I've dropped from a 4hdcp to a 2! I also won the Men's Club Championship (overall, not Senior!) at Monarch Dunes Golf Club over the past weekend shooting 74-72. On hard and fast greens (about a 12 on the stimp), under pressure, NO three-putts! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    All of the above is true!!
    I just saw Rick Smith  he is in LOVE with my putter and said he made 7 out of 8 putts, from 10 to 20 feet putting with it!!  

    - San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Just as a preface, I'm 54 yrs. old, a former baseball/softball nut as a younger man, and someone who plays 9 holes casually 1-2 times a week and always had a swing hat was too hard! It's been a few months since I contacted you and I just wanted to say that my experience with the Bocceri Heavy Clubs that I have bought have been 100% positive and have improved my game greatly!! I bought the 20 and 26 Deg Hybrid, the 52 and 60 Deg wedge, the #3 Fairway Wood, and the L3-H Putter! They are the most used clubs in my bag and my handicap over 9 holes has dropped 7 strokes since the start of the season( Hey! I'm no Pro!! Just a guy who plays!). I had been having a hell of a time with my Driver though and been slicing a lot the past 6 weeks and was about to start leaving it in the car! Bought it new this season too! A Callaway Razor Hawk, stiff shaft. If you know them, you know that the club head on them feels light and I just had a hell of a time getting the club head through on time with my hands without over-casting them and making things worse!..... UNTIL YESTERDAY! When I stopped by a Dick's Sporting Goods and had them put a Secret Grip on the Driver!! WOW! WOW! HOLY S*^T!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! In one round EVERY drive was straight down the fairway and further out!! The increase in the club head speed is remarkable and I was able to calm my swing down and hit them harder and farther! I had to run back to the men's room at the clubhouse to look in the mirror and make sure it was me who was hitting those drives!!!!!! I'm am SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! I am living proof that heavy is better! Looking to get my irons re-gripped ASAP!! What a GREAT PRODUCT!! I'm finding myself 'Pitching' the clubs and the 'Secret Grip' now while I'm out on the course to everyone I play with! But, then again I've been a salesman for the last 27 years so that kind of comes naturally to me!! I would have no problem selling the SECRET GRIP!! ;) Thanks for such a GREAT PRODUCT!!

    - Mendon, MA
  • I wanted to let you know how I am doing with my new clubs.  They have performed beyond my expectations.  I have lowered my scoring performance by 6 strokes.   I'm now shooting a low score in the 80s instead of the 90s.   I especially like the "heavy" wedges and the putter.  I am recommending Boccieri to all my friends that are looking at new clubs.

    My friends are all amazed at the characteristics of the "heavy" clubs.  I am sure some of them will be going Boccieri.  Probably, the most important part of the new club purchase was the "fitting".  Choosing the type shafts, degree of loft and the actual type of putter to along with my "dominant" eye was exceptionally interesting.

    We are soon heading south from Oregon to our home in Arizona.  I will give you a call to get a refresher golf lesson next month.

    Thanks, again for the great clubs.

  • I took advantage of Boccieri Golf's offer to try one free SECRET Grip.  I had one iron regripped with the SECRET Grip and noticed my shot dispersion was tighter with that club.  So I purchased a full set of SECRET Grips and had my entire set of clubs regripped in mid-July, while I was on vacation for a week.  I returned home on a Friday afternoon and picked up my clubs.  That weekend I played the newly gripped clubs for the first time in the Golf Channel Amateur Tour's (AmTour) local DC Tour Championship tournament.  My typical scores had been in the upper 80s and low 90s all summer and I had a USGA handicap index of 13.5 as of July 5, 2013.  Amazingly, I shot 84 and 85 that Saturday and Sunday with my new SECRET Grips and won the DC Tour Championship for my flight.  The grips were the only thing different in the bag.  Since changing my grips in mid-July and being fitted with a new driver in mid-August, my scores have steadily come down, my handicap index has dropped from 13.5 to 9.5 and I've gone from from 48% hit fairways and 33% GIRs to 65% hit fairways and 42% GIRs.  By late August, playing in the local DC season-ending Golf Channel AmTour tournament I scored the best round of my life, a 75, and not only won my flight (12-15.9 index flight), but beat all but two scratch golfers in a field of 62 competitors.  Honestly, the club does not feel any different to me when I swing it, and I still hit some bad shots.  But my tempo is better, my shots are tighter and far more consistently on-line, and there is no doubt my handicap has dropped several strokes.  My new driver is helping, but I think most of the improvement has come from changing to the SECRET Grips on all my clubs.

    - Waldorf, MD
  • Tuesday, 08/27/13 downloaded certificate for promotional Secret Grip. Had it put on my Cleveland HiBore 7-Iron at the local Dick's store. Today (09/02/13), on the third use of the Secret Grip I aced the 138 yd. 15th hole at Masonboro Country Club here in Wilmington. Obviously, it had to be the Secret grip.

    - Wilmington, NC
  • I hit some balls this weekend with the Secret Grip. I hit them great! However, I have to recalculate my distances... I hit it too far!

  • I just got off the phone with Jim and it reminded me that I needed to email you again to tell you how much I love the [Secret Grips].
    Jim and I played together last Friday evening at a golf course that demands working the ball both ways with carry. It had been along time since I was able to hit the precise shots both left, right, high or low.  You really have something!

  • Just a note to tell you how much i love my BM3 Heavy Putter. The thing is awesome make almost everything within 6 feet. I read reviews about long putts but with a little practice I get it close enough to make a short one. I haven't 3 putted in at least three straight rounds. Now if I could get on the green in regulation I could break 80 on a regular basis. I'am thinking of getting some wedges from you guys(just have to convince my wife it's money well spent. Thank You ' Tod

  • Hi Mr. Steve Boccieri My name is Jesse Morris and I am currently one of the Heavy Hybrid testers for The Hackers Paradise. My forum screen name is Jjmorris9. I am writing this email to say thanks for giving us this opportunity. This has completely opened up my eyes to a great company I had no idea existed. I have only been around the forum since April of this year, but have spent the last few days reading over the previous Boccieri testing threads through The Hackers Paradise. It goes to show that every tester had/is having a positive experience with Boccieri clubs. I have seen so much success with the 20* Heavy Hybrid that I have since purchased a Heavy 3w. Again, thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to continued testing with the Heavy Hybrid and open the doors to those who do not know about the great product Boccieri makes. I am excited to follow along the new Secret Grip testing that is about to get started as I will be looking into new grips soon. Thanks, Jesse Morris

  • We just finished the tournament with an amazing round with the new putter.  The front nine Anthony had 11 putts and on the back side he had 16 putts.  Anthony had just a few bad holes that just got the best of him totaling 157.  Fourth place for the tourney but he putted like a whole new player.  I will send a separate email of his score card for your records.

    Say hi to the staff for us and thank you for the lesson from Blake that did help very much.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been struggling with my putting for about 5 years (with the semi yips) until I found a B3-M at Dicks. I am now putting the best I ever have. Short or long putts. It does not matter. Thanks for helping me not give up the game!

  • Since in Seattle for the summer I just want to let you know how great I have played with my regriped irons.  I believe the grip change has improved my length and accuracy by 3 to 4 strokes during a round of golf.  Or in my case from a 12 hcp to a 9 hcp in the past 13 rounds of golf. 

  • Recently had my stroke analyzed with SAM system. Sunk 7 putts in a row. Top 5% in every measured category with my B2-M heavy putter. Thanks for a great putter.

  • Dear Stephen and Sandra, It was my great pleasure meeting you both at your wonderful demo center. Thank you for taking the time yourselves to work with me to get the best fit and the right putter for me. It was such a positive experience for me be assured Ill be back for the grips and heave wedge and be getting the word out to all my golfing friends. I put the two secret grips you gave me to try on my driver and five iron as you suggested. Oh MY God! I couldnt believe it. I chose the five iron because i hit it with the least consistancy of all my irons and figured if it didnt work no harm done. Needless to say Ive never hit either club better or longer and with just a little draw. Just too bad I wont be back before the father son next week but rest assured I will be back. More fun than a trip to Alaska Thank you both again.

  • I received my putter today. Had to leave work early to have a put due to excitement. Mate, all that I am going to say is that this putter is the BEST THING SINCE SLICE BREAD. Amazed it is not sold in golf stores in Australia. 

    I have been using a Bettinardi BB8 but as soon as I read about the Heavy Putter the physics behind it made sense. I think the BB8 will be on the sidelines for a while. 

    Props to the inventor!!!

  • Paul had an awesome day with the Heavy Driver at We Ko Pa!! Ball flight was much lower and much better accuracy!! He hit 10 of 14 fairways with the driver. Of the four he missed only 3 were missed by a few yards. Distance was fabulous. Roughly 290-295 on average. He cranked one 345 yds. Paul has hit Tayloymade, Ping, Titleist, Callaway drivers and none could come close to the ball flight and accuracy of The Heavy Driver. And he used stiff and extra stiff shafts and nothing worked! He lost absolutely no distance from the Heavy Driver. Possibly a few yards longer. Thank you so very much for trusting us with your driver. Paul will be over to see you either tomorrow or Tuesday to return the demo and to schedule a fitting. He will bring all his clubs to the fitting. He has already posted on his Facebook page. You and your husband have an awesome company. Hopefully your other clubs might also help him.

    - For Paul Donahue
  • Your basic idea about the weight of the putter is clever and correct. I'm cured! I was developing a serious case of the yips. Nothing worse: you hit a great drive, knock it stiff, and then miss a 2 foot birdie putt and have to hear your opponents and partner howling. The heavy putter stabilized my stroke. It was part physical, part psychology. I knew how to putt, but there was just a bit too much wrist in it (you know, the big three golf legacy). The extra weight helps take that out. Are the long putts harder? Weren't they always? Nothing to complain about on that score. You can quote me! Professor Paisley Livingston, Head and Chair Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University, Hong Kong (BA Stanford, PHD The Johns Hopkins University).

  • Sandra, I wanted to personally that you, Stephen and Deb for your commitment to customer service. I think the experience was one of the best customer service experiences that I can remember having. Your commitment to keeping your customers happy clearly demonstrates your passion for golf and your products. I was so pleased to have my clubs back, that I just added a Heavy Putter to my bag as well (and loved it during yesterday’s round). I hope to be one of those who can keep sending you updates as my game continues to improve using your equipment in my bag (let’s hope breaking 80 comes soon). I wish you all the continued success with Boccieri Golf.

  • OMG. Had 6 birdies in first 2 rounds. Shot 79 for the first time in months. Love my clubs beyond description. Thanks for your efforts. Look forward to looking at woods soon. Probably hit 9 shots in last 2 rounds, best of my life.

  • John Beadle, Professional Golfer wins the 36-hole stroke play Invitational Golf Tour North Georgia Classic in a playoff on August 28th 2011.

    August 31, 2011 – Atlanta, Georgia – John Beadle, a 41 year old golf professional from Toronto, Canada. Credits his first win in 7 years to a new putter. After a trip to a local Georgia golf shop, he acquired a Boccieri K4 Belly Putter that he claims has rejuvenated his game on the greens.

    John said, “I had been struggling with my putting the last few years and I have experimented with belly putters in the past bit none worked quite right for me. I am a firm believer in grooved face technology and this putter was the first that I had seen with a grooved face. I was making everything on the in store putting green. I also found that it put my stroke back in alignment even with my short putter. I bought it as a practice aid. Then I thought, if I make all the putts in practice, why not take it on the course in tournament play. I have always believed in practice how you play.

  • The clubs are great! Using the control series has lowered my score substantially. The heavier weight allows me to control the club more, whereas before my clubs were light and created a lot of club head speed but this caused a lot of room for error. I will be using them as much as I can and I will be entering some local amateur tournaments in the near future. Thanks and I will definitely recommend these clubs to all of my friends!

  • I have been playing with the heavy driver for a couple rounds and absolutely love it!! I normally have a big slice with my driver/woods/hybrids and a big fade with my irons but it is completely different with the heavy driver. With that extra weight I am able to keep the club on plane better and i feel like I don't have to swing as hard to get good distance. I actually hit the first couple in the woods on the left the first time I played with it because I am used to having to aim way left and then have it slice back towards the middle. But after I realized that I have been striping it down the middle. I just wanted to give you some feed back after using it a few times and just wanted to thank you so so much for the driver it has greatly improved my game!

  • I used the B3-M for four years, and it was my favorite club in the bag. After a recent change to my putting mechanics, I went for an ultra-high-tech club fitting at a world-class facility. They recommended changing to a toe-weighted design, and suggested a length, loft and lie angle that was perfect for me. I asked if I should find a heavy putter with these new specs, or go with a regular putter. They said they thought the heavy putter was kind of a crutch, more useful as a training aid, and that I’d be better off with a regular putter, so I ordered one.

    My putting deteriorated noticeably, as did my confidence. After a month, I selected a heavy putter (Q2-H) and custom ordered it to be identical to my otherwise perfect “regular” putter except for the “heavy”. My putting (and confidence) rebounded immediately. I have since apologized to the heavy putter, and we’ve been a happy team ever since. The heavy putter makes me feel confident that I’m keeping the club online, and there is no question that I have better direction control with it. Regarding distance, it seems counterintuitive that the extra weight would not reduce “feel”, but I have noticed no decline in my distance control at all. If I had, I wouldn’t be using it.

  • Mr. Chapman,

    You fitted me for a medium weight heavy putter and also fitted my wife. I purchased a putter for myself that day and boy has it made a difference in my game!! The first opportunity I had to play a round with it was the following week and I shot my best score ever for 9 holes, a 38 and it was definitely due to the putter as I only missed one par putt during the round and that was on the second hole while still getting use to it. I even made a long 20ft+ par saving putt along with a 30ft+ birdie putt on the 9th hole. My scores have dropped 5 strokes easily and it is all thanks to your assistance in fitting me.

  • Just wanted to let you know I had 26 putts yesterday en route to a 2 under 70. The 70 wasn’t that exciting but 26 putts is! I also finished second in our member/guest with a two day total of -16 on low ball. I putted very well throughout the tourney.

  • I'm stunned by the success of [the putter]. I had instant success. My short putts are much more solid... I have become smoother with my strokes... I thought it would take a while to get used to long distance putts but amazingly enough [it did not], it has a great feel. I'm rolling the ball like I have never rolled it... I went from being a poor putter to having guys say man what happened to you?'... I'm your greatest salesman. I keep telling my partners and other PGA Professionals [that] I lock it in a gun safe every night! It has been wonderful... I won't say it changed my life, but it definitely changed my putting!

    - Stockton, CA | PGA Professional
  • I bought the A3-M putter in Spring 2007. Tremendous product! It has given me an unprecedented amount of confidence on the green. I can't imagine ever switching back to a traditionally weighted putter. This is one rare occasion where the hype meets reality.

    - Coppell, TX
  • I am thrilled to report that we received the puttersin a very short time period and with the correct tailoring, and their performance has exceeded our expectations! I would have to say that the customer service we received from Heavy Putter, and particularly your customer service rep, was the best we have experienced in many years, whether related to golf, or frankly any customer service.

    - Eagle, ID
  • I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your Customer Service staff...It's not often that one has such a good experience with customer service, and I wanted to draw attention to an outstanding example of the courteous and professional service I received. Thank you.

    - Becker, MN
  • I wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU for improving my puttingI loved working the Heavy PutterI really am impressed with it...I'm looking forward to making putting the strongest part of my game. That's now possible thanks to you and my Heavy Putter. It really is a magic wand. Thanks!

    - Minneapolis, MN
  • Thanks for this great putter. I'm an average player that was shooting consistently 103-107... I could never reach the 90's because of my putting... Thank to this putter (A3) in just 3 rounds I play between 92-96. It's amazing how confident I feel now... Thanks for the invention of this putter and like the advertising said "heavy is better". Muchas Gracias. -Pedro "El Heavy" (My new nickname)

    - Puerto Rico
  • Heavy Putter has definitely improved my consistency of stroke, which has greatly improved my confidence. The bottom line is: I love my Heavy Putter and the improvement I have experienced as a result of the putter itself and the SAM technology. Thank you and your company for an outstanding product and concept.

  • Just got one of your Heavy Putters and I have to say it feels really good (no more yips)... there can be no more vices left to eat into my golf game.

    - Scotland
  • I've seen a lot of different putters in my years playing competitive amateur and professional golf. The Heavy Putter is the first putter I've ever seen that truly can revolutionize putting. It's like being able to play with a training aid. With a lighter-headed conventional putter, manipulation is always a factor. You can't avoid it, especially under pressure or when fatigue sets in. With the Heavy Putter, especially once it was specifically fitted for me, I set it up on an appropriate line then I just have to move it. There is never any twisting and my putting has definitely improved. Two days recently I had back-to-back 25 putt rounds. There's no doubt about it, I make more putts with the Heavy Putter.

    - PGA Tour Player
  • Compared to the Leading Brand Putter, the Heavy Putter produces more consistent and accurate impact on the sweet-spot of the putter face which results in greater distance and directional control.

    - Putting Specials Hank Haney Golf Ranch | Developer of SAM System
  • The alignment of the Heavy Putter's at impact is more accurate than the Leading Brand Putter which implies that the Heavy Putter head remains squarer through impact. This produces putts that are more accurate in respect to their intended target line.

    - Putting Specials Hank Haney Golf Ranch | Developer of SAM System
  • The Heavy Putter needs less acceleration to produce the same velocity as the leading brand putter. It therefore seems that the golfer influences the dynamic energy of the club to a lesser extent. Because it is more consistent on all three variables, Maximum Acceleration, Maximum Velocity, and Acceleration after Impact, we conclude that The Heavy Putter produces better speed control than the leading brand putter.

    - Putting Specialist- Hank Haney Golf Ranch | Developer of SAM System
  • The greatest thing about using the Heavy Putter is that you don't have to do a whole lot of thinking with it. The design of the putter basically insures that you have the proper speed on your putts, which helps you keep the ball close to the hole on your first putt. When you are putting from eight inches for par as opposed to 3 or 4 feet, you are undoubtedly going to make a lot more putts. The Heavy Putter is the best putter I have ever used as it relates to controlling the speed of your putts.

    - PGA Tour Player
  • I've been golfing for several years and considered myself a good putter. Since switching to the Heavy I'm now taking my game to the next level! Great product!

    - Hagerstown, MD
  • The first time I used a Heavy PutterI made every shot from inside of 10 feet. This is the first putter that allows me to putt the way I think I should. I just swing that heavy head and let the momentum carry it back through the ball. The weight in the upper shaft makes all the difference. Good design, Great club. If this club doesn't win the award for most innovative new product, I will be surprised.

    - Oshawa, Ontario
  • I have MS and purchased a heavy putter because of this. It works great! Thanks for making such a good product.

  • I'm just writing to tell you how pleased I am with the Heavy PutterI'm putting lights out with it it has been the best putter I have ever used.

    - New Phila, OH
  • My putting saved my score and I have to say it was all about the Heavy Putter. I can't tell you how much I love that thing! I was very impressed that with no practice at all with it, I was able to make it work.

  • Just bought A1-M about two weeks ago and its like magic; I love it!!!!!!

    - St. Louis, MO
  • I purchased the Heavy Putter several years ago, on line, before anybody ever heard about it, and have been promoting it to anybody that would listen ever since. My putting has never been better and more consistent, especially on fast greens.

  • Well, I finally got around to picking one up and this thing is great! The steadiness has made my putting much more consistent and it has greatly improved my score. Just wanted to let you guys know!

  • Just a short note to comment on my experience with your customer service- In the "I do not really care" world of self-centeredness it is so refreshing to have a problem solved by someone who really understands the weirdos' of the golfing strataGood, caring workers are invaluable to the growth and future of a company Heavy Putter. Smalltown service creates Big time business'. THANKS!

    - Boonville, IN
  • I have been very pleased with the results of the Heavy Putter. I have lowered my handicap by 4 shots since using your club, going from 6 to 2.

    - Mill Hall, PA
  • [It is a] fantastic putter; I have just bought a B2-M and this thing is amazing! Better ball roll, better stroke. I used to fear short putts from 6ft in, not anymore!

    - New Zealand
  • I am playing the best golf of my life and I am 100% attributed to my Heavy Putter. It is the best golf purchase I have ever made.

  • First of all, I think your putter may be the single best golf product to come out in the past 20 years. What innovation! Since I have started using your putter I have cut 3 strokes off my handicap. It is such a great product, and I believe in it so much, that I am continually encouraging my weekly golfing partners to give it a try. You know what, now they are either playing or considering playing the Heavy Putter due to the great results the putter provides. I just wanted to write and thank you for making the game more enjoyable.

    - Shaker Heights, OH
  • I had 24 putts the other day in a NJ Section Asst. event in winning and am feeling as confident as ever on the greens! I even convinced my pro here to order putters for the shop (they arrived today)! I sold one to a member before we even had them in the shop...some concept!

    - New Jersey
  • It is really satisfying to know that some companies still put customer service first. What you did was even beyond that. Thus far my putting has been speaking for itself but from now on I will be letting all my pals know that the company behind this putter is also a cut above.

  • Compared it to my Ping putter and found the Heavy Putter superior. Thanks to the Heavy Putter, I two-putted all of my holes (that is a major accomplishment for me). I'm sold on your product.

    - Las Vegas, NV
  • WOW!!! From the very first putt I was shocked by the feel. Not of how heavy it was but the feel of the ball when it was struck. It felt like the putterhead was made of butter. So soft, so solidI have been around the golf business for a lot of years. I have seen and tried quite a few new products in my time. (Boy that makes me sound old.) Congratulations, you have a great product.

  • The putter promotes a very smooth stroke like I never had before. I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can use the putter at my home course. Thanks again for the putter cover and a great product.

    - Pennsylvania
  • I am thrilled with the putter! In my first round with it on Sunday I shot a 1-under par 71 - 29 putts. Just like the old days which I thought had gone! I am really enjoying the smoothness to the putting stroke that the Heavy Putter encourages.

    - New Zealand
  • I just wanted to tell you what a great product you have! Since getting your putter, oh my, what a difference! As a matter of fact, my friend I play golf with every Saturday was so impressed with the confidence I now have on short putts prompted him to try it and he bought one last week. I've had a lot, and I do mean a lot, of putters over the years but I've never seen anything do as well as yours.

  • I am a new user to the Heavy Putter and I love it. It has given me more confidence in making my putts, and it isn't like trying to control a bowling ball on a string I read one comment that is an excellent analogy: "If you compare it to carrying a heavy bag of groceries, try controlling that bag if you hold your arms out from your body. It's pretty tough to do. BUT, if you keep the weight of the bag close to your torso, it is much easier to control." That is the simple physics applied with the weighted grip handle in the Heavy Putter. [It is] a must-have for everyone's golf bag.

    - on "The Golf Blogger"
  • The Heavy Putter is an outstanding product. With the 100% CNC milled clubhead the lines are precise and clean looking and the ability to alter the weighting is a huge bonus. The new gray heads are great looking and the new grips add a great feel to the finished product. This is one putter that everyone should try.

    - on "The Golf Blogger"
  • It encourages a smoother, less handsy stroke. I also use it in place of a wedge from the rough close to the green (there's a whole lot less that can go wrong with a putter) and can accurately run it up to the green from 30 yards out in the fairway.

  • I won the Best Ball tournament and I used the Heavy Putter[I] beat PGA pros! The Heavy Putter works for me because I use my bigger muscles to putt with it simple takes away any shakes or twitches you may have in your hands. At the time I did the infomercial my handicap was a 7 and with a little work over the summer my index today is 1.7. Thanks Heavy Putter!!!!

    - San Luis Obispo, CA
  • My handicap is down to a 5 largely because of the Heavy Putter technology. [I'm] Heavy Putter's # 1 fan.

    - Longanville, GA
  • I have used [the putter] for 3 months now and it has turned out to be a great buy. It is definitely saving me shots and I now have lots more confidence on the greens than before. So, many thanks from a very happy golfer.

    - Scotland
  • After trying the putter I can honestly say that it stays on the ground longer and straighterI can say that it has restored my ability to putt with confidence again.

    - Michigan
  • My putting was exceptionally well today and my mates were amazed with my improvement. I certainly hope the consistency will stay with me for a long long time.

    - Singapore
  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I needed only 23 putts my last round. Thanks!

    - Cincinnati, OH
  • This club is awesome. From 3 to 10 feet I feel automatic. I have a confidence when putting that I did not have with other clubs. My playing partners are amazed!

    - Bristol, CT
  • The [Matte Series] B3, after several rounds of golf, I found to be what I consider the best putter I have ever used... [the weight] took a little getting used to, but I honestly feel I will not go back to my old putters. I was also impressed as to how well it is made, including the head cover. Sometimes we forget to pass along information like this, so thought I would let you know that I have a little more "excitement" back in the game since using your new putter (now mine). So thanks for a great product and... You guys hit 'em long and straight!

    - Henderson, NV
  • I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I have enjoyed my new Heavy Putter. I have had so much confidence in my putting that it has also helped me to relax on the course playing to the green... My putting has been unbelievable. In fact when I go to the golf store for balls and things I can't stand the feel of any other putter.

    - Tulsa, OK
  • Wow!!! What a putter. I never used to have a lot of confidence in my putting, but now that I have the Heavy Putter in the bag, my confidence has skyrocketed. You guys have hit a home run with this product... I have run into a few skeptics who haven't taken the time to understand the physics of this concept. But they will someday.

    - Saskatchewan, Canada
  • THANK YOU!!!!! The product has saved my competitive golf career... I was skeptical at first but I must say no more! This product is unreal! I have tried everything known to man and nothing had worked. As a PGA Professional I have had the chance to see products come and go. I know if anyone who has ever experienced what I have in this game they would give The Heavy Putter a try. It makes it almost impossible to make a bad stroke. Larger muscles take over and it eliminates the hands... I tell everyone about this product and I think everyone should have it in their bag... Again thank you for saving my game.

    - PGA Professional
  • It is very rare that I would take the time to write a company regarding one of their products. However, I am so pleased with the Heavy Putter... I've shot career best rounds [and] I now putt with confidence. I have virtually eliminated the dreaded three putt from my game. I believe it's safe to say that no sport has more options in equipment than gold. Golfers are constantly bombarded with "new and improved" clubs, balls, gadgets, etc. The Heavy Putter in my opinion is truly innovative. My compliments to the staff that created it!

    - Mansfield, TX
  • I just wanted to write and tell you that since using the heavy putter I am playing and putting with more confidenceA friend of mine had your putter last year and he was putting lights out; so I tried it on the putting green. I think Steve is a genius for coming up with this. I have never written a review before, but this putter has saved my game (and my sanity).

    - Feeding Hills, MA
  • This is the kind of putter I have been looking for all of my life. Thanks to you there is no need to look any further. I have found it. I have been playing golf since I was four years old. Buying your new Heavy Putter B-3 mallet was the smartest thing I could have ever done. Thank you.

    - Baltimore, MD
  • I think that the new putter has helped me because I am now confident that if I can find the line, I know the ball will roll right where I aim it. I have also served as a playing example of how the putter works and two of my friends have purchased the putter based on my dramatic improvement.

    - Pittsburgh, PA
  • While I have tried and replaced my driver a dozen times over the past twenty yearsI have never taken the Dave Pelz Teacher Putter from my bag. Then upon the suggestion of my Pro, I tried your model A-1. The results are astounding! Your Company has designed a club that is far superior to the gimmicky monsters that are choking the pro-shops. Thank you for your contribution to making my game so much better.

    - Sarasota, FL
  • I pretty much quit playing competitive tournament golf in 2002 because of my putting woes. After trying a myriad of putters over the last 4 years my search is finally over. The Heavy Putter has made me once again a confident putter! I will be ranked in the top 10 in Virginia when the new rankings come out and I owe it all to my new Heavy Putter!

    - Charlottesville, VA
  • Heavy Putter... the idea is that it helps you release the putter through the ball. It was excellent for me last week.

    - PGA Professional
  • I'm serious about the Heavy Putter being the best putter on the market. I wouldn't putt with anything else.

    - Caledonia, WI
  • I was an absolute mess. This was all due to lack of confidence in my putting. I just about hung up the clubs [until] I found the heavy putter and bought one...I could not believe how many putts I could make with your product! I have never made as many putts in my life before purchasing the Heavy Putter...You guys are awesome. [I'm] the happiest customer ever.

  • I am a European challenge tour player from France and I won last week on this Tour with a record round of 59, using one of your putters (B3). I made several world records as the most birdies in two rounds ever on a pro tour, the lowest score for two rounds -20, and 59. I have used your putter to play the best golf I have ever had.

    - France | European PGA Tour
  • I got the putter this week and I played a round of golf with it yesterday. I had 9 one putts...how awesome is that.

  • I have now played with my putter three times and I LOVE it. I took my old putter out of my bag after the second time I played with this one because I knew I had a winner.

    - Gulf Shores, AL
  • I have tried many putters including a Scotty Cameron, a Two Ball, several pings as well as a belly putter. None of these putters has done for me what your Heavy Putter has. The Heavy Putter has fantastic balance and the ball rolls smoothly off the putter face making it so that I simply look for the correct line and make the putt. I tend to be rather mechanical when putting. I have, in the past, become tentative, especially inside of 10' which is the real scoring zone on the putting greens. At this point, I stand over the ball expecting to make everything within 10' of the hole! Once again, thanks so much for making such a stroke saving putter. It has really helped me to take my game to another level.

  • I think you have a great idea and product. Looks like I'll be getting myself a Heavy Putter soon!

  • The results that I have experienced with your putter have been nothing short of a miracle. Just this last weekend, I played in a four man best ball tournament. The temperatures were in the low 50's with intermittent rain and sleet. Even in these rather inhospitable conditions I shot one over par with four birdies. They were made with the heavy putter from distances of 6', 15' and 25'. My playing partners at first made fun of this big "heavy" putter but after we won this tournament at -5 several of them wanted to know more about your product!!

    - MI
  • I am rolling the ball better than ever. I have a putter for life.

    - Loganville, GA
  • I have been struggling with my putting for years. I recently putted with all of the Heavy Putters. The results were magnificent! The feel of the putter was great. I took the putter straight to the golf course and putted better that ever! As you well know, it's all about confidence and I believe I have now found mine with this new putter. Thanks for a great product!

    - Molena, GA
  • Having the highest handicap (by 10 or 20) I didn't expect to contribute much to the team- especially in putting. However, I lead 3 of the birdies with the Heavy Putter. Not bad for someone shooting solid 90s. My teammates all tried the putter and want to know more.

    - Calverton, MD
  • I have used [the Heavy Putter] both times that I have played golf since [purchasing it] and I know that I am going to love it. I had additional weights put on my old [putter], but this one is much better. The extra weight helps me keep the putter on line and makes me have a much smoother stroke. With more practice, I am going to be the best putter in my age group.

  • I like the feel of the Heavy Putter and its stability which give me complete control on my putting stroke.

  • Since putting is 50% of the game, the putter is very important. [With the Heavy Putter], I honestly don't think I can miss from 10' and in. I had a few folks on the course try it and I believe very soon you will see some more folks in Houston using the heavy putter.

    - Houston, TX
  • I bought a Heavy Putter about three weeks ago. My God, this thing is amazing! I am putting far better than I ever have in my 40 years of playing golf. 27 putts each of my last two rounds. Thanks for a great product.

  • I have tried about every putter on the market, always looking for that magic one. This is the ONE. Great putter; can't say enough.

    - Brooklyn Park, MN
  • I am a former PGA Professional, won the Tennessee State Open in 1995. I saw and ad in a golf magazine for the Heavy Putterand got the B-3 Mallet. I fell in love with it the first day!!! [I] broke my previous course record first time out. [It] had everybody in the groups I played with wondering what I was putting with. Almost every weekend someone asks me about my putter.

    - Former PGA Professional
  • A phone call to your offices convinced me that yours is a company I would like to continue to do business with. Courteous people who genuinely want to help are difficult to find and keep. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the putter(s) and the service I received. I wish you continued success.

    - Langley, VA
  • My first two tournaments... I was an absolute mess. This was all due to lack of confidence in my putting; I just about hung up the clubs. I have never made as many putts in my life before purchasing the Heavy Putter. Once I built enough confidence, I signed up for my latest tournament and won. Thanks for inventing the Heavy Putter!

  • I truly believe in the Heavy Putter, as my average putts per round have gone down by about 2. Thank you so much, again, for something I truly believe will revolutionize the game!

    - LPGA Futures Tour Pro
  • I have the opportunity to play any clubs at work and [have] tried them all. I can't find a putter better than yours. I think this will be my best year putting ever!

    - Grand Rapids, MI
  • I am impressed [with] how much the putter has improved my consistency and speed control. I am far from being the greatest of putters. [Now] I feel that I can make anything within 10 feet. You have a real supporter of the technology here, and I plan on recommending the putter to many of my members.

    - Morgantown, NC | PGA Professional
  • I believe your putter idea is one of the most innovative in years. I spoke in great length with the Rep that was present at the Buick invitational about your putter. I tried it out a bit, and found that it was truly as remarkable as he was saying.

    - San Diego, CA
  • Wow. Not only does your company have the best putter in the market but has the best customer service. Very doubtful if your competitors (Titleist or Odyssey) would have provided the service you have for me.

  • I am currently a 1 handicap and I am looking to shave off those last few strokes to get to a plus. I think the Q2-MT that I purchased will get me there. I made a 35 ft, severely breaking birdie putt on the first hole in regulation with my new putter! I would not have EVER gotten the ball to the hole with my old putter!! The speed on the long putts is outstanding, I'm leaving them around a 1ft diameter and the shorter birdie putts are beginning to drop.

  • I just got the heavy driver today 7/2/11 and went right away to the golf course with it. I never tested it before but Boccieri sales said if I was not happy with it, I will get a full refund. I did not succeed at the first 5 tries but after adjusting my stance, where I place my ball,etc. swooosssshhh, I out-drove everyone. I am a 21 handicapper, senior and can now drive at least 20 yards more than my old Taylormade Burner. My drive sometimes is 250 yds.and straight. wow. At my age that is an ego-booster. Thanks Stephen! I might just order the heavy woods too. I am a believer of your heavy line since I started with the heavy putter 2 years ago.

  • I am 100% sold and completely convinced that this is the way for me to go with my equipment. I can't remember the last time I got an entire set of clubs--driver thru wedges. I usually get wedges; next season maybe some irons; then perhaps a driver during the new year, etc. But, I am thrilled about getting these clubs. Thanks again.

  • After a couple of practice rounds with my new Control Series set of clubs from Boccieri Golf, it was time to really put them to the test. I was set to play 18 holes at Henry Homberg GC, my home course in Beaumont, Texas. But before detailing the round, I feel it is important to tell you a little about me and my game leading up to this round.
    I have studied, practiced, and played the game for over 20 years. I've tried every swing method out there, and every brand of golf club and ball. Though I've managed a one time round of 78, my scorecard usually ends up looking like this:

    Score: 86
    GIR: 6 of 18 (33%)
    Fairways: 50%
    Birdies: 1 every 27 holes or so
    Avg. Driving Distance: 250

    Not too shabby, but not close to my potential according to the 2 PGA instructors I work with at an esteemed Golf Range complex.

    Now to "the Round". I had just been named staff player for Boccieri Golf after an impressive display of ball striking at the Boccieri Golf tent on one of the Demo Days at our local complex (coupled with my unbridled enthusiasm for the products), and after completing a couple of rounds to get used to the clubs, was now ready to really play the game. What transpired was truly magical, and something I wish every golfer could experience at least once in their lifetime.....

    FRONT 9

    Score: 37 (1 over)
    GIR: 8 of 9 ( 88% )
    Fairways: 85%
    Birdies: 0
    Avg. Driving Distance: 262 (measured with GPS)

    BACK 9

    Score: 34 (2 under)
    GIR: 7 of 9 ( 77% )
    Fairways: 85%
    Birdies: 4
    Avg. Driving Distance: 274 (with a couple of drives over 280 and 1 that measured out at 296)

    18 HOLE total:

    Score: 71 ( 1 under par )
    GIR: 15 of 18 ( 83% )
    Fairways: 85%
    Birdies: 4
    Avg. Driving Distance: 268 (the improvement from the front 9 to the back 9 leaves no doubt I will eclipse the 280 average barrier shortly and then on to 300 )

    A thrill to say the least, but really cool because my rival who I have played with on a weekly basis for the last 2 years, was there to witness it. We both agree that far and away, the biggest difference is in the equipment. No other way to explain it. The CONTROL SERIES clubs just feel "right" in my hands. So balanced. So easy to swing smoothly and on plane. So incredibly accurate! The feel at impact with the irons is as good or better than the best forged clubs out there. The driver long and very forgiving. The same for the woods and hybrids, and the wedges are absolute magic. Fire at the pin and watch the ball stick like fly paper.
    And when it comes to forgivness. I can honestly say, swinging the 5 iron feels no different than swinging the 9 iron. Again, so incredibly balanced. The back weight not only balances the club out, but instinctively puts the hands and wrists in the proper impact position. It is almost as if the club is "teaching" you the proper technique! The CONTROL SERIES clubs are the absolute best thing to happen to my golf game in all the years I've been playing. Nothing else can come close to the profound improvement in my ball striking and my enjoyment of the game.
    Mr. Boccieri, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your vision, your innovative thinking, and your commitment to improving the game for all people who play it. I wish for you and your company, all the success and accolades you so richly deserve.


    John St. John
    Boccieri Golf staff player

  • I have been looking at these clubs on the web site for quite some time. After talking to Debbie and then being able to talk to Stephen I decided to go ahead and purchase a set. I purchased the driver with a NV shaft in regular flex. Let me tell you, this driver is long and straight.
    Don't try to kill it, take a smooth swing, and let the club do the work.
    Also i purchased the 3 and 5 wood in the stock NVS shafts. Amazing woods to hit - great trajectory and very long. To my surprise were the irons. I purchased them in graphite with the NV shafts. They look a lot like blades, thin sole and top line, but play like a Supergame improvement iron. Easiest irons I have ever hit in my life. Just aim and swing and the ball goes were you want it to and stops great on the greens. Also added the wedges in 50, 54, and 58. They are very accurate clubs and generate a lot of spin. Then I added the mid weight CX2 putter, let me tell you, this was game changing for me. Been playing with these clubs for 3 weeks now and I have come from a 15 handicap down to a 9 in 3 weeks. Only been playing for 5 years. My clubs before these were Ping's driver and woods, K15 and the forged Ping answer irons. I thought they were great until i hit these clubs. Pings are now in the closet. Want to drastically change your game purchase a set of Boccieri clubs.

    - Dry Fork, VA
  • Steve, I just wanted to say that it was very nice meeting you a couple of weeks ago at Golf Town in Bellingham, MA. It was a great experience getting fit for the driver, three wood, and the hybrid. The custom HL driver with the NVS stiff shaft came in last week, and I played with it Saturday. Wow!! Gained ~20 yards, and cannot find a way to hit off line, no matter what I do. Thanks again. Best, Tony

  • Mr. Boccieri, I just wanted to let you know that I shot a career best 69 today - three birdies, two bogeys for a -1. I wasn't hitting a ton of fairways but I was blasting the driver (and most of my misses were JUST off of the fairway). However, I also had a career low 23 putts using the Heavy Putter. It was fantastic. I one-putted on 8 straight holes on the back nine. I had been pulling putts terribly over the last few months but my stroke just felt more consistent and fluid with the J2-M. Simply wonderful. Thank you!

  • SAVANNAH, Ga. - SCAD Savannah men's golf coach Fred Fruisen captured the 2011 Georgia PGA East Chapter Senior Championship Monday (July 18) at the Southbridge Country Club.

    "It was my first tournament with modern equipment in since 1998," said Fruisen. "Those who know me know that when I have been playing I have been focusing on playing with hickory golf clubs in tournaments for the last 12 years. So winning in my first tournament back with the modern stuff is pretty satisfying."

    "I got really fired up to play the modern game when I turned 50 this year because now I get to play in the senior division of the PGA events," added Fruisen. "I'm still pretty long for an older guy and I feel pretty strong and my short game is as good as ever and since I am in a competitive environment each day I thought I could be a factor in these events."

    Fruisen shot rounds of 73 (+1) and 75 (+3) on the par 72, 6,920-yard layout to win the tournament with a score of 148 (+4). The tournament featured golfers from 30 different counties in the eastern part of the state.

    Fruisen will next compete in the Georgia PGA Senior Championship in Sea Island, Georgia, August 15-16.

    "We played 36 holes in one day. I haven't done that in 20 years," said Fruisen. "That was tough. If I didn't feel 50 years old before, I do now."

    "The first round I hit a lot of good shots early but they were either rolling off or bouncing over the greens," said Fruisen. "The greens here have severe undulations. That was frustrating but my chipping and putting was awesome. As the round progressed I hit the ball very well. I hit 11 greens in regulation and bogeyed the last hole to shoot +1. The second round I hit the ball better; I hit 14 greens but shot two strokes higher."

    "It was very exciting to win," Fruisen continued. "I love competing. That's the only thing that makes me want to play. I'm very motivated to practice, play and compete again. I've been getting physical therapy on my knee that has really helped and I found something in my game a couple of months ago that has made me feel young again. I'm really able to get through the ball again. I haven't hit the ball this pure in years."

    - Savannah, GA | PGA Professional