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When our Founder Stephen Boccieri created the Research & Performance in Scottsdale, his goal was to create an environment designed to help golfers play better.

The details of the process matter greatly to Stephen, which is why the RPC is equipped with a complete lineup of the latest club fitting tools and technology. To complement our fitting technology is an experienced staff of PGA Professionals trained in the art of the perfect fit.

Whether you are a beginning golfer looking for your first set of club or an experienced veteran who needs a tweak or two, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today.

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Custom Shaft Fitting

For most, a shaft is the piece of metal that connects the clubhead to the grip. It might be stiff or regular, graphite or steel. For Stephen, each piece of metal is unique and understanding the differences can mean a birdie rather than a bogey on your scorecard.

Over the past decade, Stephen’s passion to understand the differences in shaft make up has led him to amass a database of thousands of shaft profiles using his proprietary 10-Point Measurement Process. Through this research and data, he and the rest of the Boccieri Golf Fitting Team identify the shaft profile best suited to your swing.

Stephen Boccieri
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I am curious by nature, so when I started Boccieri Golf, it was only natural that I would dissect and analyze golf clubs. My interest has never been about selling golf equipment, it has always been focused on helping golfers, whether professional or amateur, lower their scores and play better golf. To be entrusted with helping a player select the right equipment, I had to have a clear understanding of how each component was constructed and how that construction impacted the overall product. As each new piece of equipment comes out, our research and database grows. So no matter what manufacturer you prefer, we can ensure your clubs fit properly for your golf swing.

Stephen Boccieri

President & CEO


All Club Fittings Come With a Free ½ Hour Robo Golf Swing Trainer session

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