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  • The C2-DF Limited Edition is truly a collector’s piece, with a circulation of only 500. Each numbered putter in the collection is handcrafted and 100% CNC milled from a forged billet of 303 Stainless Steel. A unique PVD finish was then applied to the putter head to give it the rich black appearance. With the gold lettering and the True Temper Black Gold shaft, this putter is top of the line in every way. The putter features a Gripmaster™ leather grip imported from Australia, with the Boccieri Golf logo discreetly imprinted in gold. And of course, like every Heavy Putter, the weighting and deep face technology has been incorporated with exacting standards. Each C2 Limited Edition is built to your exact specifications, comes with a custom head cover, and a letter of authenticity signed and sealed by designer Stephen Boccieri.

    • Extended Length available in<br /> 36
      Extended Length available in
      36" 38" 40"
    • Proprietary Steel Shaft
      Proprietary Steel Shaft
    • Stainless Steel Material
      Stainless Steel Material
    • CNC Milled Face
      CNC Milled Face
    • Black PVD on select putters
      Black PVD on select putters
    • Pendulum Stroke
      Heavier Mass: The Heavy Putter's overall weight engages the body's larger stable muscles, resulting in a more consistent pendulum stroke.
      Pendulum Stroke
    • Stable Body
      Core Center of Gravity: The Heavy Putter's center of gravity is closer to the human body's core CG, resulting in greater stroke stability.
      Core Center of Gravity
    • Passive Wrists
      Higher Center of Gravity: The Heavy Putter's higher center of gravity reduces force on the wrists.
      Passive Wrists
    • Higher Balance Point
      With a head mass just a few grams heavier than a conventional club, our Heavy Clubs get their name from the addition of the tour proven back weighting system found in every club we produce.
      Higher Balance Point
    • Back-Weighting System
      The 37% higher balance point produced by the back weighting system leads to improved body mechanics affecting the swing's plane, tempo, transition, impact and balance providing higher accuracy and control.
      Back-Weighting System

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