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DFT Driver

  • 9°, 10° or HL (12.5°) Loft
  • 60° Lie Angle
  • 45” Length
  • Black or White Glossy Finish
Customize & Buy

  • The Heavy Driver is cast 6-4 titanium for exacting specifications. Weight has been distributed in strategic areas to make it one of the highest MOI drivers on the market and to give it a perfectly aligned CG to the middle of the hitting surface which creates a larger sweet spot.

    Dimple Face Technology.
    This proprietary internal dimple design was developed to maximize the COR or CT, while maintaining the necessary strength for durability. It also reduces the weight of the face to allow for better weight distribution throughout the head.

    • Dimple Face Technology
      Dimple Face Technology
    • Aldila NVS Shaft
      Aldila NVS Shaft
    • Cast 6-4 Titanium
      Cast 6-4 Titanium
    1. Better Plane on Takeaway
    2. Set Hands More Quickly
    3. Smoother Transition
    4. Holds Angle of Retention Longer
    5. Square Face at Impact
    6. Full Extention through Impact
    7. Balanced Finish
    • 60° Loft
    • 45”
    • Black or White Glossy
    • 6-4 Titanium
    • 6-4 Titanium
    • Aldila NVS Hybrid
    • 65 gr
    • 3.8°
    • 0.350”
    • 50 gr
    • Regular or Stiff Flex
    • Right Hand Only
    • Higher Balance Point
      With a head mass just a few grams heavier than a conventional club, our Heavy Clubs get their name from the addition of the tour proven back weighting system found in every club we produce.
      Higher Balance Point
    • Back-Weighting System
      The 37% higher balance point produced by the back weighting system leads to improved body mechanics affecting the swing's plane, tempo, transition, impact and balance providing higher accuracy and control.
      Back-Weighting System

In Phoenix, AZ? Get your custom fit at our Research & Performance Center in Scottsdale (Phoenix), AZ.