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  • Polished Mirror Finish
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Head
  • True Temper GS-95 Steel Shaft
  • Aldila NV Graphite
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  • The Heavy Irons were developed off the coat tails of last year’s introduction of the Heavy Wedge.

    The Heavy Irons are designed to improve the player’s overall consistency by providing him with better tempo and a more consistent plane back to the ball which improves overall sweet spot contact.

    The increased head weight is approximately 8 grams heavier than conventional clubs and is balanced in two ways. First, we install a 50 gram weight in the butt end of the shaft which raises the balance point about 3 inches. The second design feature is that we shorten each club from today’s standards by ¼” which brings the clubs back to the original length which all club manufacturers use to conform to.

    The benefit of shorter clubs with higher balance points is the golfer has better control of his swing including better tempo, smoother transition, more on plane, better sweet spot contact resulting in more consistency which translates into lower scores.

    Available Shafts:
    True Temper Dynamic Gold R-300 & S-300
    True Temper GS-95 R-300 & S-300
    Aldila NV Graphite is available in A, R and S flexes

    • 17-4 Stainless Steel
      17-4 Stainless Steel
    • True Temper Shaft
      True Temper Shaft
    • Chrome FInish
      Chrome FInish
    1. Better Plane on Takeaway
    2. Set Hands More Quickly
    3. Smoother Transition
    4. Holds Angle of Retention Longer
    5. Square Face at Impact
    6. Full Extention through Impact
    7. Balanced Finish
    • 3-Iron thru Pitching Wedge
    • Polished Mirror
    • 17-4 Stainless Steel
    • True Temper GS-95 Steel (Standard)
      True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel (Optional)
      Aldila NV Graphite is available in A, R and S flexes
    • Graphite shaft lengths are 1/4" longer than the listed steel lengths
    • Parallel Hosel Bore
    • Regular or Stiff Flex (A flex in Graphite Only)
    • Right Hand Only
    • Higher Balance Point
      With a head mass just a few grams heavier than a conventional club, our Heavy Clubs get their name from the addition of the tour proven back weighting system found in every club we produce.
      Higher Balance Point
    • Back-Weighting System
      The 37% higher balance point produced by the back weighting system leads to improved body mechanics affecting the swing's plane, tempo, transition, impact and balance providing higher accuracy and control.
      Back-Weighting System

In Phoenix, AZ? Get your custom fit at our Research & Performance Center in Scottsdale (Phoenix), AZ.