FAQs - Putters

  • Why is the Heavy Putter so heavy?

    The weight of the Heavy Putter forces you to putt using your larger, more stable muscles. The added mass and the higher balance point (see Balance Point question below) of the Heavy Putter reduce hand and wrist action, resulting in a pendulum stroke. A pendulum stroke results in a more consistent swing path, and precise distance and directional control. In addition, by using your larger muscles during the putting stroke, you will consistently align the club face more accurately at impact, resulting in putts that start on their intended target line more often. The weight of the Heavy Putter will also lengthen and smooth out your putting stroke eliminating path loops and producing a more consistent swing path and swing length in the backswing and forward swing. It is a simple principle of biomechanics that makes perfect sense.
  • How does the weight stack up against a conventional putter?

    The Heavy Putter comes in three weight categories: Lite, Mid and Heavy. The Lite-Weight series has a 375g head and a 65g back weight. The Mid-Weight series has a standard head weight of 400g with a 200g back weight. The Heavy-Weight series heads range from 465-475g and have a 250g back weight. Most conventional putter heads weigh approximately 300-350g and do not have any back weighting.
  • Isn't a heavier putter more difficult to control?

    If a heavier putter concentrated all of the additional weight in the head alone, then it most certainly would be more difficult to control, not unlike a bowling ball on the end of a string. However, the Heavy Putter counterbalances the weight in the head by adding an additional 250 gram weight into the grip end of the shaft, raising the balance point of the putter 75% higher than conventional putters, thereby returning complete control to the golfer while still removing the hands and wrists from the putting stroke.
  • What is the "balance point" and why is it important?

    If you were to lay a putter across your index finger, the balance point is the location on the shaft where there is equal weight on either side. Balance point is important because its location influences how a golfer strokes the putter. The perfect balance point is the point at which a pendulum motion most naturally occurs. For the Heavy Putter, this point is between one third and one half the way up the club from the head. This balance point is actually 75% higher than all leading putters on the market, which is why the Heavy Putter does not "feel" heavy when it is put into play. The Heavy Putter's higher balance point brings the center of gravity of the putter closer to your center of gravity, around your belt buckle. This reduces the forces applied to your hands and wrists and increases the stability of the putter throughout the stroke. For example, it would be pretty hard to walk around carrying a bag of groceries with your arms outstretched - you would constantly be fighting the weight and getting knocked off balance. In contrast, if you held the bag close to your body, it would be much easier to manage the weight and control your movements.
  • Are long and belly putters available?

    Yes, we are the industry leader for belly putter styles! All of our models are available to be made into custom belly putters by our assembly factory in Ohio. We also, offer a large selection of long putters. For specific styles check out the long putter options on our website or email us at sales@heavyputter.com.
  • How effective is the Heavy Putter on fast greens?

    Intuitively, one would think that a heavier putter would be more difficult to control on faster greens. Actually, the opposite is true. The Heavy Putter is better than conventional putters because you are using your larger muscle groups. A small stroke with a light putter gets very jerky because of inconsistent velocity at impact. With the Heavy Putter, you can make a very controlled, small stroke, and because of the increased head mass the putter is traveling at a slower rate of speed. Therefore, the increased weight of the Heavy Putter provides more control on fast greens than a conventionally weighted putter.
  • What is the lie angle and the loft of the Heavy Putter?

    No, the length The lie angle of the Original and Matte series is 72° with 3.5° of loft. While the Lite-Weight, Mid-Weight and Heavy-Weight series have lie angles of 70° and 3° of loft. The DF series is a combination of a 72° lie angle and 3° of loft.
  • Can I cut down the length of the Heavy Putter?

    No, the length of the shaft cannot be altered because of the weight insert in the grip end of the shaft. If you need to shorten the shaft, we recommend that the putter be sent back to Heavy Putter to be re-shafted.
  • Are custom lengths, lofts, and lie angles available?

    Yes, our assembly facility can customize any of our golf clubs for length, loft, or lie angle for a nominal surcharge. For custom orders, you can call the Boccieri Golf office at 888.788.8374 / 480.361.4339 or order it through your local golf shop.
  • Who has played the Heavy Putter on Tour?

    The Heavy Putter has enjoyed much success on Tour since its inception. We have 14 world wide wins and have been put into play by some of the world's best players. John Daly and others have played the Heavy Putter on the PGA Tour. Daly first experienced the benefits of the Heavy Putter at the PGA European Tour's 2009 BMW Italian Open, where he put the Mid-Weight K4 model in play and recorded a runner-up finish, his best professional performance in five years. The K4 has been in his bag ever since and he credits it with helping him "release through the ball." Felipe Aguilar, Rafael Echenique, Ignacio Garrido, Fabrizio Zanotti and about 10 other players are using the Heavy Putter on a weekly basis on the European Tour. Champions Tour player and Golf Channel analyst Mark Lye is also playing the Heavy Putter. Lye joined the Champions Tour in 2003 following a 17-year career on the PGA Tour. Many other players (who we can't name for legal reasons) on the Nationwide, Champions and LPGA Tours are also finding immediate success since switching to the Heavy Putter.