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Robo Golf Swing Trainer

The Revolutionary New Way to "Feel" Your Perfect Plane Golf Swing.
Boccieri Golf – The Exclusive Headquarters for Robo Golf Swing Trainer in Arizona

Robo Golf Swing Trainer Lessons

Robo Golf Pro instruction is available in one-hour increments. During your instruction session, you will take swings in both the hitting bay and on the Robo Golf Pro swing trainer. Your lesson also includes data analysis obtained using K-VEST, Trackman and Sam Balance Lab, as well as take-home practice drills and a before/after video. $150 per hour.

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Robo Golf Swing Trainer is the ultimate golfing machine because it is changing how we help golfers improve their game.

Here’s the biggest difference between traditional and Robo Golf Swing Trainer instruction: Once we determine your body’s flexibility and movement capability, I program the machine to correct any swing faults and move you through the perfect swing plane personalized to you.

What this does is eliminate you trying to interpret what I am saying. Rather, by repeating the swing over and over at various speeds, the principle of neuromuscular re-patterning kicks in changing your muscle memory and improving your overall golf club delivery pattern in the hitting zone.

After your Robo Golf Swing Trainer lesson, you will have a better understanding of what you do to create inefficiencies in your golf swing, what it feels like to correct those inefficiencies and get better much faster than you would with a traditional golf lesson. Regardless of your ability level, Robo Golf Swing Trainer will show you the differences between your swing and a swing that is efficient and on plane.

Blake Smith
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Blake Smith

Master RGP Instructor

I wanted to take the time to send a proper thank you for the day of golf training and club fitting that you provided.

The Robo Golf Swing Trainer was quite simply amazing and your two expert instructors — Blake 1 and 2 (Blake Isakson and Blake Smith) — were masters of instruction.  The combination of instruction and technology places Boccieri Golf at the top of the heap in teaching of the golf swing.  I knew something was clicking that I hadn't ever experienced in my years playing golf. That "click" became much more evident once I received my fitted Callaway clubs from you guys.  The first few times at the range were awkward, but after focusing on the key points of initiating the turn with the upper body and placing pressure on the rear foot inside heel, and controlling my pelvis - I started to hit the ball crisp and pure. My first round of golf I shot a 79 and I'm confident I'll continue to get better. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Boccieri Golf.  My trip from LA to Scottsdale was well worth it and I will highly recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.”

Sanjay K

Los Angeles
Robo Golf Swing Trainer

With Robo Golf Swing Trainer, your success will come quicker.

The golf swing can be a confusing sequence of body rotations, plane lines and arm manipulations, and not one golf swing fits every player. However, there are a few fundamentals that are true for all players to perform at their highest level. Through an understanding of human movement and the learning behaviors through the repetitive swing motion of Robo Golf Swing Trainer, it is now possible to shorten the learning curve and crack the code to your individual success. Whether you are on Tour or a weekend golfer the passion to play better golf is what drives everyone who has picked up a club. With Robo Golf Swing Trainer training, your success will come quicker.

Blake Isakson
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Blake Isakson

Master Instructor

Robo Golf Swing Trainer In Action.

Robo Golf Swing Trainer is going to revolutionize how golf is taught in America.

Stephen Boccieri

CEO & Inventor

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