The Secret Grip raises the balance point of your club – improving your consistency, control and distance.

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  • Rick

    Top 10 Teacher
    Secret Grip Brand Ambassador

    Rick Smith has taught some of the game's greatest players. Watch his video to see his Top 10 Teaching Tips.

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  • Stephen

    Stephen Boccieri – master of weighted design – introduced the Heavy Putter in 2005. Now, he brings you the back-weighted grip, giving golfers more consistency, control and distance.

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  • Provides more stability without anchoring
    Quiet your hands
    Gives you better distance control
    Promotes a smooth pendulum stroke
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  • 97%
    of golfers prefer the Secret Grip over a conventional grip
    of golfers increased their
    ball speed
    of golfers increased their wrist angular release velocity

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Grip Tips

  • 2014 Product Lineup
  • Who is Stephen Boccieri?
  • Make Putts. Save $$.
  • Rejuvenate your grips
  • Change your grips


  • Better on Plane Takeaway
  • Set Hands More Quickly
  • Smoother Transition
  • Holds Angle of Retention Longer
  • Square Face at Impact
  • Full Extension Through Impact
  • Balanced Finish


  • 100% felt the difference.
  • You can feel the transition better... it's quicker.
  • I was hitting longer (with Secret Grip).