The Science of Counter Balancing for
Swing Clubs

In layman’s terms, counter balancing is adding a weight inside the shaft at the grip end of the club to raise the center of gravity – or balance point - of the club closer to the golfer’s hands. Although it is adding additional weight to the club, it is at the same time reducing the club’s swing weight. This allows the golfer to have greater control of the club and produce a swing that is mechanically more efficient than a lighter club with a lower balance point. The increased total weight of the club disguises the feel of a lighter swing weight and gives the club a more conventional feel.

Many years of testing, not only by Boccieri Golf, but by other major golf companies, proved that 30 to 40 grams of counter balancing was the preferred weight for conventional clubs. Our engineering achieved a similar balance point by adding 17 grams at the grip-end of the club and incorporating a heavier compound to bring the total weight of the Secret Grip to 92 grams which is 40 grams over a standard 52 gram grip.

Since 2011, we have tested over 3,000 golfers and found the benefits of the Secret Grip to be immediate. The results show a more consistent swing path with the club more on plane. The tests also proved the Secret Grip can stop the golfer from casting from the top of their swing and flipping their hands at impact, thus achieving a more square (solid) impact. The overall results show the average golfer using the Secret Grip increased ball speed by 3 mph. This is a result of a more consistent on-plane attack which produces less deviation of the ball’s impact position and higher ball compression.

The buzz has continued, since the product’s commercial introduction in 2013. We continually survey our customers and find 9 out of 10 golfer tell us they prefer the Secret Grip over a conventional grip. This statistic has remained constant since we developed the Secret Grip.