Top 10 Golf Instructor, Rick Smith,
Shares His Secrets To Better Putting

  • Distance and Direction

    Great putting combines two skills – practice both. Lag putt to tees placed 30, 40 and 50 feet away. Success is three putts within a driver's length of each tee. Use the Circle Drill for short putts. Start with 10 balls in a circle, three feet from the hole. Later, move the circle out to your driver's length. Drill a "pop" stroke at this distance. Place your weight on the balls of your feet and stay in posture – don't come out early to sneak a peek.

  • Tour player's putting drill

    Following address, remove left hand and place on right shoulder or belt buckle. Palm of right hand now mirrors the putter face. This drill creates a consistent stroke as right palm, forearm and shoulder must move together along the intended line of the putt.

    Gate Drill + Tour player's putting drill

    Make a gate with two tees at the ball, just wide enough for your putter head to swing through. Combined together, these two drills promote a square putter face at impact and a path that's spot on your intended line.

  • Keep in Mind

    Harvey Penick said, "Don't have dinner with bad putters". Invest your time in proper practice, trust your work, and be confident. While others complain about everything they didn't make, realize some good putts don't go in. Have a good attitude about it generally and know you'll have great days and some not so great. That's golf.

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